the official candidates of the 2010 Mr. and Miss Gensan Pageant

For this year’s recently concluded Mr. and Miss Gensan Pageant, we only had one venue in mind for the Swimwear Photo Shoot.  Amandari Cove was an instant favorite.  It is actually the former Dacera Sprint Water Resort.  It recently underwent a major major make-over courtesy of Power Couple Ricky and Tess Almanzor.  When I proposed this the activity to Ricky, he immediately agreed and booked the date.  Continue reading

I want to share this blog post by fellow blogger-extraordinaire Doc Remo Aguilar.  When somebody you respect writes about you the way The Bone Doc did, you just want to drop dead happily.  After reading this piece, I realized that somehow my blog has touched people like you, faithful readers.  This makes me want to open up all the more.  Now that would be really nasty… hehehehe…. Read on coz this one made me blush!

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