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This is my blog. I blog about my daily encounters and make it into an interesting and often times FUNNY and HUMOROUS take on my life experiences.  Even the news that I share here should be FUN too.  So I guess I can call it my very own PERSONAL blog. It has given me my second wind.  I blog about events and everything under the sun and moon.  I started seriously blogging last August 1, 2009 and have not stopped ever since.  I blog from the heart so most of the posts here are my take on different issues both happy and sad.  I usually blog in English but it’s easier to blog in the vernacular.  So kung hindi mo naiintindihan ang blog ko, there’s always Google Translator to assist you.


Why Ganda Ever So Much for a blog title?  Why not, coconut?  It appeals to me and it intrigues anyone who hears about it.  So much so that they visit this site.  I will continue to blog as long as there are readers like you.  I will make my blogs an easy read para hindi kayo ma-stress at magka-nose bleed.

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Why a FROG for mascot?  I’d like to believe that most of my readers are like the Frog Prince (or Princess) still waiting for their one true love to kiss them and live happily ever after.  The Frog can also signify everyone’s dream to come true.  Not!!! Seriously, I just find the Frog, the best contrast to my blog title.  Laban ka?

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I’m easy to get along with as long as you’re not a dork! Maarte din ako. Ayoko ng mainit! Ayoko ng maalikabok! Ayoko ng walang tubig! Pero type ko ang putik! Gusto mo ako maging friend? Kung kaya mo ka-eng-engan ko then welcome to my world!

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I am a banker by profession.  Been in the industry since 1985.  I joined Insular Bank of Asia and America (IBAA) as a clerk.  In 1986, IBAA merged with Philippine Commercial International Bank (PCIBank) where I found my niche as a Credit Officer.  In 1997, I was pirated by International Exchange Bank (iBank) to head their new branch in General Santos City.  I stayed on until August 2006 and moved to Asia United Bank (AUB) as Assistant Vice President.  In January 2008, I was tasked to oversee the Mindanao Branches of AUB.  I was temporarily tasked to handle Cebu Branches in January 2009 until we hired a permanent Area Manager for Visayas Branches.  In August 2009, I was promoted as Vice President.  I am still based in my beloved General Santos City.


I love my family.  I now understand why God has showered me with so much blessings.  I missed both my parents.  They taught us the value of humility and love for the good Lord.  We all live together and we’re a happy bunch kahit minsan short sa budget!  There are two things that bind us together – FOOD and WIFI connection!


This is where we live.  Katas ng pagta-trabaho ko sa iBank.  I call this my own private Idaho.  There are five rooms sa ground floor.  Ako lang mag-isa sa second floor where I have a small veranda.  I love the peace and quiet.  Maganda din ang view from the veranda.  In a clear day, you can see the majestic Mt. Matutum.

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All about Me:

• name: Orman
• nickname: Orman, Orms, Mamu, Poknat, GF, Bes, Friendship
• birthday: September 28
• school: University of San Carlos, Cebu City
• course: Commerce graduate – Accounting major
• ambition: Maging maayos ang buhay hanggang sa pagtanda
• hobbies: Mahilig akong magdownload ng movies and music sa torrent sites
• music: Basta hindi masakit sa tenga, oks na ako.
• singers: Madami pero pinakagusto ko si Dionne Warwick
• movies: Madami din but my favorite movie is The Changeling
• celebrities: Nora Aunor is my idol forever and ever, alleluia, amen!
• t.v. programs: Oprah dati pero ngayon si Ellen na!
• cartoon character: fave ko si Garfield kasi sya may sabi: “i may be fat but you’re ugly and i can always go on a diet!” laban kayo dyan?
• colors: yellow! dark yellow! seloso ako eh…
• books: fave ko noon pa si Stephen King – kumpleto ako ng books nya… latest nyang lima di ko pa nabasa!
• sports: Badminton! Gusto ko uling mag-badminton!!!
• expression: Uber-uber
• best friends: You know who you all are…
• motto: If others can do it….DON’T HELP!
• first kiss: Sa lips… di ko na maalala!
• the most “nakakalokang intriga”: buntis daw ako! hehehehe!


Heart to heart!
• describe yourself: maarte ako. mabait ako. mataray ako. nanay-nanayan ako. gets mo?
• define love: life is difficult and men are cruel!
• what is a friend?: ang kaibigan ang tanging taong magsasabing mabaho ang hininga mo!
• who is your crush?: too many to mention…
• describe your loved one: di pa uli ako nai-in love eh…
• where & when did you meet?: saka na lang…
• what attracted you most?: di pa ako sure…
• unforgettable date & place: nung we laid my mom to rest…haayyyzzz…
• who was your first kiss?: parents ko siempre…
• happiest moment: right now … nung napromote ako as Vice President…
• embarrasing moment: tumalsik ang jacket ng ngipin ko while presiding a meeting! nyahahaha!
• your future plans: be happy.

“THE BANNED COMMERCIAL” ORMAN @ 50 from nio solis on Vimeo.


  1. partnerrrrrrr,

    missing you. I love this guy being describe here in your blog hahahahaha. sana isa ako sa secret na yan . Uy love ko na rin si grafield hahahahaha.

    oissst date tayo minsan, updating sa lovelife hahahaha

    Miss you kuya orms and love you, mwah mwah. . .


  2. okay na ang lahat-lahat except for first kiss!!! Napaka safe na sagot… not very u!!! 🙂 But everything about u, i like, no dull moment talaga…i love u ache 🙂

  3. after having gone over your blog, i’m thinking about pursuing blogging. i used to have a heart for it…until i was overwhelmed by many. many. many tasks. jejeje!

    1. @atty jayr — sa umpisa lang medyo mahirap but you’ll eventually get the hang of it just like me. i have not stopped blogging since august 1, 2009. good luck and hope to see you around the blogging community.

  4. @lito — thanks dear for never missing to visit my blog… kaw din lits should blog more often… bongga baya pod ka mag-kwento… so go blog more!

  5. @orman: kayo ni kuya avel ang “virtual connection” ko sa aking “beloved dadiangas”… and i’m excited to hear any news, especially the growth and development that we have in the city… pati mga chismis and intriga pud… hahaha… see you in may!!! God bless… ever so much…

  6. Hello Orman! =] Hindi ko tlg mapigilan ang tawa ko sa kakabasa ko sa mga blogs mo. I really enjoyed them all. Ikaw na ang bago kong love aside from Papa Jack of love radio. Nakaka-inspire ang mga taong katulad mo.
    More blogs more fun! =]

    1. @Aimee — thank you for visiting! it’s readers like you that continue to inspire me to blog everyday. if you haven’t read everything yet then i suggest you start from the very beginning which was last august 1, 2009… and hey, keep blogging too! dagdagan mo ng comments portion ang blog post mo para we can also drop comments… cheers!

  7. i jus like ur website mr.orman.. i dnt know if u can recall me..hehe.. i am daughter of lorna Raposo.. the last we had a converstaion is when i visited u w/ my mom in ur ofice @ Ibank… really nice page . looking forward to my next visit here. GOD BLESS U /

    1. @lory — naku lory, you have to help me recall kasi hindi ko na talaga maalala na nag-meet tayo… memory gap, ever! anyway, am glad that you found time to visit my blog… feel free to browse the daily blogs here… may mga blog entries lang na ginawan ko ng password for personal reasons but really there’s a whole lot more to explore here… thanks again and hope you visit often…

  8. whoa! grabe di pa ako pinapanganak, banker ka na! woooooooot! ^___^ astig yung group pic nyo sa bank, parang mga super hero lang ^_^ hehehee..

    1. @jehzlau — hehehehe, ganyan na ako katanda, no? pero feeling young kasi kayong mga friends ko, young na young! enjoy enjoy lang ang life atsaka galaw-galaw konti para di ma-stroke! hahahahaha!

  9. Wow! its nice to know more about you… at masaya rin ako kasi di nga ako nag kakanosebleed nito… hehehe!

    I am now your avid reader and follower from now on! charmus!

    Sabi nga ni sis Zoan, kering keri ko rin ang ka-engengan ng super ever gandang blog mo.

  10. hi sir orman.. kaya pala maxadong familiar, kasi palagi po kitang nakikita sa alumni office nuon ng NDDU with Ms. Mea po.. 🙂 nice blog sir.. ngayon ko lang po to na discover, nag ba-browse lang ako sa google bout gensan.. m proud to be one of the Generals! keep up the good work sir.. God bless you!.. 🙂

  11. Sir,

    i really enjoy reading your blog kakaiba, pwedeng pasubscribed na rin po. Kasama na ang blog nyo sa aking favorite. continue making people smile.. GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!

  12. hi orms….hope u still remember me when my hubby and me visited u at ibank years before…im the sister of mildred (hmmnn..the kontrabida, remember?, nyahahaha)…i had fun reading your blog labaw na ning imong “about me”. very maarte but so honest, walang kaplastikan…to me you are one friend every one needs, have a nice day!!!!

    1. @coi — hi dear!!!! it’s been a while! how have you been! mukha ka nang donya! hahahahaha! thanks for visiting! as usual, maarte pa rin ako! do holler when you’re in town! regards to your hubby!

  13. i’m a follower and a reader of your blog… a princess waiting for a frog to kiss me i mean a prince!

    i am enjoying every minute while reading your entries!

    ingats po palagi…

  14. sir orman, sa tagal tagal na nating magkakilala ngayun ko lang nalaman halos pareho tayo ng like and dislike hehehe ayw ko din ng maiinit and alikabok at ayw ko wlang tubig kaya meron ko dala parati hahaha and most of all i like your motto: If others can do it…dont help! korak talaga! bakit pa ako tutulong eh kayang kaya namn nila…o di ba char! I enjoy reading your blog bakit ngayun ko lang na discover…. 🙂 totoong tao ang nagsusulat no pretentions. u take care alwayz.

    1. @Geraldine — we have been too busy kaya hindi na tayo nakakapag-bonding. thanks for visiting… marami ka pang mababasa dito… search mo under the categories ang TIPS EVER… have fun!!! love yah!

    1. @doann — it’s reactions like this that makes blogging really worth my while. thanks for loving my blog! thanks for visiting… do tell your friends about it…

    2. @doann — salamat po sa pagbisita… lalo mo akong mala-love if you check out the other blog posts sa ARCHIVES section… enjoy lang… wag masyadong tumawa at baka mapaihi ka bigla… hehehehe!

  15. nakakatuwa! Grabe sa mga kwela. Dapat ganito ang mga blog na nag ke-kwento about real people and places. Sarap siguro pumunta dyan sa GenSan nagutom tuloy ako sa mga pagkain sarap mo kasing magkwento. Sarap so much!

  16. ang ganda naman po ng blogs nyo sir! pwede po magtanong kung pano nyo idinedesign yung blog nyo po??? thank you sir. godbless.

  17. Dear Sir Orman,

    Grabe! sobrang ganda ang blog nyo…..too many to read but its really amazing…. Natapos ang time ko sa work in reading your piece…..Ang ganda ng pagkasulat….kompletos recados!

    1. @britz bretano, jr. — ang ganitong klaseng comment ang lalong umeenganyo sa akin para pagbutihin pa ang mga blog posts ko… thanks for visiting…

  18. Hi, Sir Orman!

    I love to be gandaeversomuch!hehe..

    Found your link through facebook. Ngayon ko lang nalaman you’re on wordpress po pala..I am on blogger naman..here’s my site: wordsandpen.com

    I’d appreciate it if you could drop by?^^
    I’d love to guest post here too..^^

  19. Hi Orman! I can’t help but laugh while I was reading your “about me” portion! website pa lang nakakaintriga na at humorous! love it! i’ll link you up! 🙂

    1. @doc anna — salamat po sa malutong na halakhak… dinig na dinig ko dito sa gensan… hehehehe… click mo under CATEGORIES ang TIPS EVER… andyan lahat ng mga kwelang blog posts ko… thanks for visiting…

  20. “motto: If others can do it….DON’T HELP!”

    Hahahaha! Sobrang natawa ako dito Sir Orms! This made my day! Hehe.. Thank you! 🙂 Stay awesome..and keep on blogging!

  21. the real Orman i’ve known from way, way back.. you bared it all.. To add – the Orman who got a 1.0 grade for singing the national anthem in Spanish and who can eat a whole marang in one sitting..beware of the flying seeds!..love the motto..

  22. HiOrman! You’ve come a long way dear friend.. I’ve always been your fan since high school and I admire your giftedness, dami mong talent nakaka inspire! Keep it up kapatid, I am sooo proud of you. God bless you more. Cheers!!

    1. now it can be told — mutual admiration society pala tayo marlon… i truly admire you especially nung nasa theatre ka na sa usc. inggit much ako nun! now that you’ve move on to another endeavour lalo lang akong nainggit..hehehe! hugs and kisses to you my friend!

      1. hahahaha…i subscribed na to your blog! super aliw…while waiting for my client’s im reading your blogs…bow! the fun flows so naturally 😉 btw, bakit kelangan ng passwords for your other posts?

  23. buti na lang you have a blog…ma update naman kami about you…miss ko na yung iyong mga ka ek-ekan, words of wisdom mo…jokes…and all the stuff we used to do sa boarding house. take care! labs ka namin dito!

  24. Hi Sir!

    Grabeh! super enjoy ako sa blogs mo! Nawala ang antok ko sa trabaho while reading your blogs! Can’t wait for the next blogs! God Bless!

    1. Nova Lyn — huwag masyadong magbababad sa kababasa lalo na’t office hours … baka mahuli ka ni bosing! hahahaha! anyway pag nahuli ka i-encourage mo na lang sya na makibasa…

  25. Hi Orman,
    Thank God i finally found a blog that i was looking for. One of your blogs i think makakatulong sa akin talaga at the same time din natawa ako. At least kahit papaano may tips para maka=move on sa complicated na love life. Good job! Keep it up!

  26. ngayon lng ulit ako naka bisita sa blog u ah.. ganda ng header at ganda ng theme! yay! happy 2013! 🙂

    na alala kita kasi nag iisip ako sino yung mga pumunta last last year in my father’s funeral. Kaya napadaan ako dito now.. haha. la lang. 🙂

    1. hi jess, it’s been awhile since we last met… thanks for dropping by… gawa ni lyle santos ang header ko and he helped me with the theme… hope to see you soon in manila… magpa-burger ka naman hehehe!

  27. Hi po Mr. Orman! *damingsmiles*
    I saw you for the first time at COuntry Homes Hotel as Resource speaker for our OJT Seminar. Nag-promote po kayo ng blog nyo, and true–na intriga po ako sa name pa lang. Sabi ng friend ko sikat daw yung blog nyo, tanong ko nga bakit hindi umabot sa akin? Kainis. And narealize ko hindi pala kasi ako taga-Gensan (pero studying in NDDU) kaya hindi ko masyadong kilala. Pero ngayon, super kilala ko na. I am a blogger din po but not as good as you-pero hoping to be..oh diba? ambisyosa lang 🙂 God Bless and more power po!

    (P.S. I hope you don’t mind me bagging some blog ideas po… Thank you! )

    Site ko po on Blogger:


  28. Hello Sir Orman.

    I’m a new reader of your blog but it’s already an instant favorite to the point na na-add ko na siya sa bookmark folder ko of favorite blogs.

    More power to you & your blog!

    1. hi jannie,

      thanks for visiting… i have not been active lately but i can assure you that you will enjoy my previous posts. just click away and have fun!


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