Binay’s One Sentence Resignation Letter & PNoy’s Epic Reply


We all heard about the one sentence Resignation Letter of Vice President Binay which he submitted to President Noynoy Aquino last June 22, 2015.


The day after his resignation Binay started throwing punches at the PNoy administration.  The Palace was quick to lambasts him.  But Social Media was quicker and wittier.  Here’s what came out as PNoy’s “reply” to Binay’s resignation letter:


Grabbed from the World Wide Web… Kudos to the one who made this

“K” of course stands not for “Ok Fine Thanks and Bye…”

“K” stood for Kurakot

“K” stood for Kawatan

“K” stood for Kapalmuks

So good riddance is all I can say.

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.


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