A Tip To Employers


happy employees bring in the moolah

This is going to be short and direct to the point.

I have been employed since 1985 and have work continuously since then.  I am thankful that the companies that I’ve worked for has provided me not only with financial security and stability but given me the opportunity to shine and prove my worth.  Sadly this has not been so for some companies.  I have seen how lowly paid some workers have been and pity the dire working conditions that they are in and yet they are expected to help grow the business.  When you treat people unfairly, they will either leave you or stay and become the monkeys on your back.  Here are a few tips to employers:

  1. Pay your people fair and square.
  2. Reward the deserving ones.
  3. Mentor and coach those who lag behind.
  4. Encourage a culture of productivity.
  5. Listen to them and learn.
  6. Never lose your temper.

Then watch your business grow…grow and grow…

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