The Canticles Of Melai #1

courtesy of

courtesy of

Sa KrisTV, biglang appear si Melai Cantiveros while nagsi-swimming si Bimby. Kris was in her room:

Melai: Hi, Bimby! Nagsi-swimming ka?

(Este Melai, nasa pool nga sya no – alangan namang nagbo-ballroom dancing.. Hindi tuloy alam ni Bimby kung anong isasagot.)

Melai: Where’s your mom?
Bimby: She’s in the room.
Melai: Oh she’s not here.

Tiningnan sya ng matalim ni Bimby.

Melai: Do you like the water? Is it delicious?
Bimby: I didn’t taste it… (Akmang iinom ng pool water)
Melai: No-no-no! Bimby! Do not eat the water! It’s delicate!

Mas lalong nalito si Bimby!
Hehehehe! I love you, Melai!

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