Jhun Ador: Every Bride’s Knight With The Magic Needle

I met Jhun in early 2003. He was tapped to assist us in the set up of our Tourism Booth for an exhibit in Manila. Despite a “tragic” first impression, I still tapped him to do the Christmas Decorations for iBank. It wasn’t what I expected it to be but we still won TOP Prize. That was the last engagement I had with him.


Then out of the blue, his name became a by-word among the rich and famous. He counts among his friends the likes of Gov. Singson, The Pacquiaos and Manila’s upper echelon. His gowns are sought after. His trademark of intricate designs became known. He has arrived.


Jhun Ador has remained humble and down to earth despite these good tidings. For him, what is important is being true to yourself. Jhun just takes things in stride.


Jhun Ador may be contacted at 0927 308 8877.  Gensan is his home base but it is in Manila where the magic knitting happens.  Don’t fret because you can discuss your budget with him.




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