GTA 5 – Worth The Wait?


Grand Theft Auto 5 is perhaps the world’s most anticipated video game ever. Since its release, the game has earned Rockstar and Take-Two gaming well over $1 billion in total sales. These sales figures are expected to continue growing thanks to the game’s impressively widespread fan base and of course, because of the level of quality involved.

 For Grand Theft Auto fans, GTA 5 for Xbox is everything the developers promised. The game runs smoother overall with driving, shooting and general movement flowing seamlessly. The game feels significantly improved upon previous versions and while it’s still not up to precision standards of say – a corridor shooting game – it still manages to impress.

The heists in this version are incredibly fun. There are several throughout the game and each require the player to make decisions, build teams and collect all kinds of gear in order to properly execute the heist. During the actual event, players can switch between characters in the team and experience the full scope of the heist in action.


When players aren’t working through story missions they can explore the wild world of San Andreas. The entire city is detailed from the smallest nooks to the tallest buildings making a virtual stroll through town an exceptionally fun and exciting excursion. The first few hours of the game should be spent walking, running and driving around to familiarise yourself with the map of San Andreas.

As an added bonus, Rockstar has brought back some of that old school GTA weirdness prompting many a player to ask “did they really put that in there?” With alien sightings, crazy drug sequences and bearded man who insists he is Jesus, there is never a dull moment.

With single and multi-player modes via GTA online, the game works well for a range of players. The open worlds crafted by Rockstar are truly incredible and have pushed the boundaries of video game technology. With a massive new city to explore and a host of heist missions to accomplish, GTA 5 is sure to keep every gamer engaged for hours.


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