Whopping It Up For My 50th


What would have been just your usual birthday video

Came out to be a hilarious music video that brought the house down

I initially asked my good friend Nino Solis to do something quirky for my special day

Nino started off by showing me the Coca-Cola sexy video ad which got me thrilled

Now who wouldn’t want to be in the lady’s role?

My concern was that Nino is known for his awesome Wedding Films

Would he be able to deliver a wallop of a fun birthday video?

My other concern was my acting prowess (or lack of!)

I may be known to be the life of the party but I know my limitations

But what the heck — you don’t become 50 years old often


courtesy of Ric Dumalay

The next challenge was to find the best location to shoot the video

Nino gave a flurry of suggestions but I wanted this done in secret

The only venue that I thought of was Gensan View Resort

Thanks to by BFF Patrice, getting her YES was a breeze

I could only smile in anticipation to a wild ride


courtesy of Omar Gallinero

Nino was also particular about the choice of actors

They should be fit and good-looking — and game!

Mr. Gensan 2012 Dyle was my top choice to play the part of the priest

I thought that was it until Nino asked for two more actors

Mr. Gensan 2012 Finalists Vinz and Joharty were top-of-mind


And so it happened — history was made

My birthday video was shot without hassle

Well except for the calf-injury I had from all that running I made

Kudos to Nino and Kent for their creativity and PATIENCE

Am I happy with the results?  You betcha!

“THE BANNED COMMERCIAL” ORMAN @ 50 from nio solis on Vimeo.

Nino Solis can be contacted thru his mobile 0943-668-6565

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