Tips When Traveling With His Royal Gandaness

Avel and OrmanI’m sharing what Kuya Avel posted on his Facebook timeline.  We’re traveling together again and this time around, we’re going to explore Indonesia.  Natawa talaga ako sa sinulat nya at the same time naiyak din — so parang baliw lang ang peg.  Kilalang-kilala na nya akong talaga. Read on, faithful readers.

Excited and thankful to be exploring a new world again with Orman. After travelling with him countless of times here and outside the country, here are the must and must-not do’s.

  1. Memorize your itinerary. Tamad yun magbasa ng mga mapa and skeds and will just ask you about it. Pag di mo alam, yawyaw to the bones.
  2. Know where to eat. Altho both of you may be first timers in that area, he expects you to know where to eat next dahil sya na nga naman ang magbabayad, sya pa ba dapat maghahanap? Ohver! Kaya research ka te!
  3. He hates walking very far. Kahit na ilang metro na lang ang KFC, he will opt for a cheaper way lami na local diner kasi nga, baka masira ang shoes nya sa kakarampa.
  4. He hates going up the stairs. Make sure you know the nearest elevator or escalator. Kung wala, hanapin si Alladin at makihitch sa kanyang flying carpet.
  5. He doesn’t like talking to strangers. But then again, friendly talaga ako eh. So quever na lang.
  6. Make him sleep first. If not, he will yawyaw the following day dahil di raw sya nakatulog sa hagok ko. (Buti nga.)
  7. Always know how to tinker with his iPhone because there will be times that he will ask you to take his photos with it quesehodang sanay ka lang sa old qwerty Blackberry mo. (God, i hate iPhones!)
  8. Walk very fast paglapag sa airport. Since he has longer legs, wag ka papaiwan at gusto nyang sabay kayo mauna sa immigration quesehodang, super bigat ng backpack mo.
  9. Bring extra snacks. Whatever you bring, bring extra for him. Gugutomin rin yon and offer it to him. Sisters share di ba? 
  10. Be tidy inside the room. There are such things as HIS space and YOUR space. Never ever misplace your socks in his AOR or else, yawyaw.
  11. Importantly, bring perfume for the toilet. Sa dami ng kinakain nyo sa travel, you know how the world will smell after each of you uses it. 
  12. Lastly, relish and savor every moment with him. Mataray man yan, and without him showing it, he also appreciates your presence and loves the fact, that even though you are old foggies na, you still can do this travelling together and enjoying things together. Our mom would be very proud. Brothers caring for each other lang ang peg. O di ba?


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