Events That Rocked My 2012

I have been wanting to be actively writing again.  After a long dry spell, I am hopefully back for good.  It has been a bumpy ride for me and I am just thankful that I have survived the ups and downs of my journey I call, life.  A lot of you, my faithful readers, have been patiently waiting for my latest post and for that I am very grateful.  Join me as I reminisce  events that rocked my world in 2012.  Read on, faithful readers…

  1. Gensan’s Heaviest Banker.  One day I just woke up and realized that I was extremely overweight hitting 138 kilos or 304 pounds on the weighing scale.  I was a ticking time-bomb.  My doctor was worried but I just poo-pooed the idea of losing the excess weight.  Despite my daily maintenance medicines, I was not at the pink of health.  My snoring has become irritatingly loud.  My asthma attacks have become frequent.  My waistline has reached 61 inches.  I wanted to do something about it but was helpless and hopeless.
  2. Meeting Mae Paner a.k.a. Juana Change.  Mae Paner was a guest of the BlogFest in November 2011.  I saw her first in Zamboanga in 2010 and she was huge!  But the Mae Paner in Gensan lost a lot of weight.  I asked her about it and I agreed to lose the weight and take my Juana Change Challenge after Christmas.  Well, Christmas and New Year came and went and I was still fat and gaining more weight.
  3. The Hand of Senor Santo Nino and TRA.  In January 2012, we enthroned the image of the Holy Child Jesus in the home of Congressman Jun and Rose Acharon.  Nothing unusual happened — as the novena and prayer meeting went on without any hitches.  But after I arrived home, I got a call from Melanie Macaraeg inviting me to attend a presentation about losing weight at the Acharon residence.  I was introduced to The Right Approach to Weight Management that night by Lisa Ygnalaga.  The decision I made that night would change my life immensely.
  4. Gensan’s Biggest Loser.  My weight lose journey is probably the most maligned and most watched event in Gensan.  People branded it as a losing proposition as they knew that I will eventually go back to my eating binges.  Friends were more polite — they gave me a month to survive.  But I was determined to win this challenge.  And each time I lose weight, everyone was cheering me on.  The skeptics remained so — I didn’t mind them because I needed them to inspire me to work harder.  Todate, I have lost 30 kilos or 66 pounds and shed 26 inches from my waistline.
  5. Asian Cruise & More.  For the longest time, I have fantasized about going on a cruise in a Love Boat.   A European cruise has always been a dream but due to budget constraints I have to contend myself with an Asian cruise aboard Superstar Virgo.  The cruise cost me 45k and it included 3 days & 2 nights onboard the classiest cruise in Asia where you eat seven times daily — your choice of Chinese, American, European and Mediterranean!  As if the cruise wasn’t enough, we stayed at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel for two nights and experienced the infinity pool that everybody is gushing about.   To top my grand vacation, I rode the terrifying roller coaster ride at Universal Studios.  But survive it, I did.
  6. Ten Years of Pageantry.  Producing a pageant is not easy.  Every year, new challenges crop up and the 2012 edition of the Mr. & Miss Gensan pageant was no different.  But ten years of the Miss Gensan pageant  can’t just be ignored — it had to be staged no matter what.  Thanks to Manny Pacquiao and a whole lot of REAL friends —  we came through.  Ours may not be a perfect pageant but it definitely has become the barometer of many a beauty contests in these parts.
  7. New Boss.  New Beginnings.  I somehow felt that something was brewing at the career front.  My immediate boss was particularly queasy during a conference in Cebu City.  There were pending issues to discuss with him but i noticed that he seemed more concerned about our after-conference private meet up more than anything else.   Oh how things can changed at a snap but when your boss goes out of his way to explain things to you then you realize that you are special.
  8. Chad of My Life.  Chad, my mini-pinscher was already showing signs of old-age.  Visits to the vet has become a regular fare.  His convulsions have become regular and each time it happens my heart bled for him.  Chad was a gift from Kerwin and Virgie Cue ten years ago.  We have been inseparable since then.  He was like a son to me and Chad returned the favor by being very protective of me.  Chad died in my arms last August 28 — two weeks after his daughter Pauline was struck by a vehicle.  I still miss him dearly.
  9. Forty-nine Years and counting.  September has always been my favorite month and I always make it a point that I celebrate it with an smashing birthday party.  It was a party with people to mattered to me.  But honestly, it was my way of communicating how disappointed I was with C**, Y** and B** — they, whom I cared about for so many years.  Well it was an expensive expression of my feelings but there you go — I said it finally.  I may have lost three but I got Sandy, a female mini-pinscher as a gift that night — Sandy may be a bitch but she’s my kind of bitch.
  10. Losing Ernan.  I saw him up close. I saw him at the pink of health.  I saw him get sick.  I saw him recover.  I saw him get sick again.  I saw him suffer in silent dignity.  When we’re together, he comforted me with his vitality and his belief that he will get well.  I stood by his side till the end.  I cried with him, laugh with him and planned a future of a great friendship.  In his last moments, I whispered to him that he can rest.  He responded by nodding and pressing my hand.  I have not cried for somebody like I did for Ernan.  I love you, my friend — wherever you are, you are my special Be, forever.
  11. Nine Mornings with Nino.  I wouldn’t have survive grieving all by my lonesome.  Nino’s decision to move to Gensan is probably the best gift I got last year.  It’s a different high with Nino around.  For two years, I’ve completed the Misa de Gallo with Ernan.  Nino and I offered the nine dawn masses for Ernan’s eternal repose.  In those nine mornings, Nino and I became closer — the misa de gallo became an avenue for us to get to know each other better.  Eyebrows may raise but methinks we’re both blessed by the Lord.
  12. A Christmas Day Shocker.  Just when I thought that I was going to end the year 2012 in bliss proved otherwise.  An early morning call from Johnny Abad woke me up last December 25.  My sparring partner and perennial Pageant Director Dino Veloso succumbed to a heart attack.  Up to now, I am still in denial.  I couldn’t believe that Dino is gone.  What started as a professional partnership blossomed to a relationship like no other.  Dino and I had plans of growing old together, traveling with Johnny, Osler and JM and putting up more projects to satisfy our creative cravings.   I will forever treasure our memories together, Direk.

As I’m writing this my emotions are all mixed-up.  But I know that this too shall pass.  The new year has just begun and already I am in the thick of challenges.  I thank the Lord for His immense love for me.   Finishing this piece closes the cycle of the past year.  Time to move on and welcome the opportunities of 2013.

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