Eleven Years Of Pageantry With A Purpose

Faithful readers, this is the speech that I delivered at the beginning of the Mr. Gensan and Miss Gensan Grand Coronation Night last September 2, 2012.  It has been eleven years since we undertook our first pageant.   In that span of time, we believe that we have provided young Generals the chance to be involved, to compete, share, grow, and just be themselves. Instead of a surface promotion of beauty, our pageants have strived to find and amplify the beauty inside of every young General.  Read on…

“In 2002, I met with a man in my hotel in Makati who struck me as snooty and proud. He was referred to me by Ate Lulu Casabuena who met him earlier and made him direct the Mutya at Lakan ng Kalilangan. That meeting started a beautiful friendship that would last for more than a decade and spun a partnership that anchored a pageant. The man was Dino Veloso, the pageant, the Miss Gensan pageant.

“As we all watch tonight’s show, I recall the first pageant we had, our show was held at the Lagao Gym to almost a full house and a show that was all glam and glitz. I really gained the heart to stage the Miss Gensan pageant because of another man who believed in me and supported me from the very start, he was then Mayor Pedro Acharon Jr. Congressman Jun was very supportive of my new found role as pageant organizer and together with his best half, Dra. Rose Acharon, the Miss Gensan pageant soared into one of the biggest and most competently staged pageants in Southern Mindanao. With no less than Mr. Johnny Abad as our official evening gown designer, and the support swimsuit designer Ronnie Reyes, Direk Dino spun shows that mesmerized and amazed everyone. Gensan’s talented make-up artists caught up with the fast paced shows and leveled up to its quality by fielding the prettiest lasses of the city.

“The Miss Gensan Pageant winners and candidates have since led successful lives and careers. As both mentor and friend to these young people I am proud to have been part of their lives.

“Not everything was smooth sailing for the Miss Gensan pageants though. Several instances, I had difficulty in financing the shows but somehow survived because of very helpful people. I would like to particularly mention the generosity of Congressman Manny Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee, they have both been very supportive of the pageants. I would also like to acknowledge friends who supported me all the way: Joel and Patrice Santos, Pitok and Luchie Sueno, Rey and Bing Gaceta, Ric and Tess Almanzor, Joseph Chuakao, Tess Napala, Chester Lim, Rajeev Nayak, Roger Lim, Domeng Teng, Jan Ced, Bob Munasque, Elena Pilapil and countless individuals that I cannot recall. You have all been instrumental in making the Ms Gensan and later on the Mr Gensan pageants what it is today.  Special mention is in order for the support of Mayor Darlene Antonino Custodio, Gensan’s true beauty who continues to believe in the Miss Gensan and Mr. Gensan pageants.

“For the past 3 years, I have formed Project O! Consultants as the official organizer of the twin pageants and other events that are organized during the Tuna and Kalilangan Festivals. Together with Chiclet Moscoso-Rillo, JB Manansala, Romarie Ivy Cunanan, Joey C, Mario Valentino, Chenee, Jonel Rillo, Royale Iris Productions, Team BordWerkz and other unsung heroes, Project O staged event after successful event and as the Managing Director, I tip my hat off to these men and women who provide their talent and dedication unconditionally.

“Direk Dino would always fight for a beautiful show every time, sometimes even losing his temper during rehearsals, that is his job and he does it very well. I on the other hand would always fight for the beauty with in every young general that joins the Mr. Gensan and Ms Gensan pageants. To the 130 or so young men and women who have joined the twin pageants, I thank you for making me a part of your life. If this is my 5 centavo worth of contribution in making your life better, so be it. To the next hundred who will join in the coming years, you are welcome and I hope like everyone else you will all live fruitful lives. Thank you all for coming and watching for the past 10 years, may you watch for the next 10 years!”

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