I’m Going To Miss You, Chad

This was taken a few seconds after Chad died

Chad died in my arms today

Chad is my eldest son

He is my loyal friend

He never complained

He always waited for me

I am not a perfect person

But Chad considers me his HUMAN

Our connection was immediate

We just looked at each other the first time in 2004

Since then we were inseparable

Chad was having his seizure spells half-past midnight last night

I carried him in my arms and tried to console him

But he seemed to be in pain and gasping for breath

I told him:  “Chad, huwag mo naman akong iwan, please…”

I tried to resuscitate him — blowing air to his mouth

As he heaved his last breath

Chad looked me in the eyes

I knew then that he was saying good-bye

Then all strength left him

My son has gone to heaven

I love you so much, Chad

Bakit mo man ako iniwan?

Papano na ako ngayon?

Who will console me when I’m down?

Who will provide the warmth I got from you?

Who will sleep beside me at night?

Who will protect me now?

I miss you so much, Chad!

Bakit mo man ako iniwan uy?

You left so many happy memories

Anywhere I look — andun ka at pinasaya ako!

Chad, wherever you are please be happy

I will try to move on

Rest assured I will forever treasure our moments together

Hinding-hindi kita makakalimutan

I love you so much that it hurts me right now

Bakit mo kasi ako iniwan Chad?

Di ba walang iwanan?

I love you Chad

You’re at peace now…

No more pain.

I love you so very much…

This was taken a few seconds after Chad died…

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