My 2012 Resolutions In Review


This review may be belated but that’s okay.  I just need to remind myself of my personal commitments this year.  So far, it’s been a challenging ride — bumpy on some instances and a breeze on some.  I have not been churning out regular blog posts because I’ve been traveling and visiting my branches.  And when I’m back in Gensan, work has been very demanding.  I’m not complaining — don’t get me wrong — It’s just that I wish I had more time for my blogging chores.  Hang on, faithful readers — for I have a whole bunch of stories to tell.

These resolutions are the same resolutions in 2011 except #9 and #10.  I was not too successful with all of them last year so I decided to just rehash it for 2012.  Read on and find out how I’m doing…

  1. Save Money. My PayPal account needs some boost kasi dahan-dahan nang nadi-deplete.  Ang gastos ko this year.  Andami ko kasing pinagbibili.  This is one resolution that I am failing miserably.  When I went on an Asian cruise and I realized that I’m a shopaholic.  Kakainis!  I always buy things and stuff na in the end I can live without naman.  But I still keep buying!  Hay naku talaga if I want to save money I just have to learn to hold on to my wallet and checkbook!
  2. Good Health. Dito naman ako Summa Cum Laude.  Five months after I went on a TRA (The Right Approach) diet, not only have I lost more than 30 kilos, I am feeling and looking better pa.  I went through an executive medical check up last May 2012 and the results are very encouraging.  My blood works revealed normal results but I have to work on my cholesterol levels na lang.  Tuloy-tuloy ang proper food portioning ko kahit I am off the program na.  Life is precious and I want to live longer.  Since February 1, hindi na ako nagka-asthma attack.  God is good!
  3. Get back to Exercising. I may not be very physically active but at least I’ve done some decent exercises.  Ginagamit ko na uli ang stationary bike ko.  What I’m happy about is that I actually did some Zumba sessions and I finished my first 5k Fun Run.  Matagal-tagal ko na ring pinaplano ang dalawang activities na ito and conquering them was like winning the lottery.  More Zumba sessions and Fun Run events are coming soon.  Diet and exercising have also brought my waistline down from 60 inches to 45 inches!
  4. Open a new Branch. In 2011, na-open ko ang second branch sa Gensan.  The results are very encouraging and hopefully, we will hit our targets this year.  In the works ang Tagum Branch and am  soon Asia United Bank will have a presence in that area.  There are other areas to explore in Mindanao but that would be for next year na.
  5. Churn out more blog posts. Guilty as charged.  Admittedly sobrang busy talaga ako this month especially.  I have been visiting my branches kaya travel ever so much talaga.  No excuses there.  Andami ko kayang kwento.  All I need to do is to put them in writing.  Don’t worry faithful readers at pagsisikapan kong humabol.  Mag-three years na din ang!
  6. Hit my Budgets sa Bank. Sa tindi ng competition in the Banking Industry hindi pwedeng pa-easy easy na lang ang buhay.  So far so good.  Nadagdagan pa ang responsibilities ko ngayon.  I’m overseeing Mindanao Branches, VisMin Loans and VisMin Sales Force.  Tuma-tumbling na nga ako para lang magawa kong lahat ang dapat gawin.  God-willing we will hit our goals by year-end.
  7. Renew my passports and U.S. visa.  Uber happy ako kasi nung January 2011 na-renew ko ang passport ko and last January 17, 2012, I got my U.S. visa renewed for another ten years.  Faithful readers, kung wala ka pang passport, kumuha ka na — a passport is the most accepted form of identification all over the world lalo pa ngayon in an era of terrorism-churva.
  8. Repaint my house. As usual nabinbin nanaman ang plano kong pagpapa-repaint.  I need about 200K pesos for this and that’s just the outer part lang ng bahay.  Ay ambot sa kambing na may bangs!  Ampangit nang tingnan ang mansion! Grrrr!  In fairness, I have spent for some minor/major repairs na din naman.  Lord, send me a windfall of moolah please.
  9. Register Project O! Consultants.  Finally na-register na din ang consultancy venture ko.  More projects to come.  And sana naman huwag nang nagpapalibre ang mga kaibigan ko.  Kalurkey!
  10. Get a Lovelife.  Wala na akong hihilingin pa.  Nung May 2012, Nino and I celebrated our first anniversary.  It’s a long-distance-thingy again but what-the-heck it’s still love-love-love.  Am thankful at dumating sya sa buhay ko.  Pambalanse.  Pampagana.  Love ko ang lovey ko!

So there.  I’ve got a lot of things to catch up on.  Sana huwag kayong magsawang makisabay sa takbo ng buhay ko…

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