Anne Curtis To Invade Gensan On June 30, 2012

Now here’s something to look forward to — the much-talked about “No Other Concert” by Anne Curtis is coming to Gensan on June 30, 2012 at the Lagao Gymnasium.  Anne Curtis is one of the showbiz personalities who has very easily endeared herself to the artista-loving Pinoys.  With Anne, what you see is what you get.  She admits to not having a good singing voice but always belts songs with gusto and bravado despite being off-key at high notes.  She’s got class and breeding yet she manages to come across like your typical kikay-BFF.  She’s sexy and alluring but she never flaunts it and proceeds to be just like your favorite girl-next-door.  Just check her out daily on Showtime (although she’s on hiatus now).  It’s no wonder why she’s popular and she’s got a gazillion of adoring fans.  Proof positive to her popularity is that  her AnneBisyosa concert is wowing even those who question her ability to stage an event of this magnitude.  Her latest concert in Cagayan de Oro was such a smash hit that it ran for three straight hours with multiple costume changes. It this doesn’t excite you I don’t know what will.  See you all on June 30 and throw some Gensan-loving to Anne Curtis.

Tickets to the Gensan Leg of AnneBisyosa:  No Other Concert are now available at Asia United Bank.  For sales and reservations, please contact 0922-833-0348.  Tickets available:  Platinum 3,000 | Gold 2,000 | Silver 1,800 | Bronze 1,000 | General Admission 500.  Avoid the rush and buy your tickets now.

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