When Class Is Absent

I have always been a believer of healthy competition.  For as long as we deal in a level playing field I’m good to go anytime.  In the banking industry, clients are “shared.”  I have my solid clientele base but chances are they have accounts with my competitors too.  There have been instances that I cross paths with competition during a client call.  I never take it personally — it’s all in a day’s work.  At the end of the day, I have remained friendly with competition.  Truth to tell and more often than not I have always put in a good word if ever a client asked about certain banks.

But I draw the line in the manner of “pirating” accounts.  Wala namang bastusan.  Here are three TIPS for would-be pirates:

  1. Go visit my clients in their respective stores or offices.      Don’t “harass” my clients inside or outside our branches.  Kung kilala ka na nila then by all means, arrange for an appointment.  Huwag naman yung hinihintay nyong lumabas galing sa amin saka nyo “lalambingan.”
  2. Don’t bad-mouth my bank (or your competiton).  Level-playing field, di ba?  Talk about the merits of your bank rather than destroying others.  Mas bibilib tiyak sayo ang sinisinta mong client.
  3. Make sure that the client you’re pirating won’t spill the beans on you.  That only proves na naiirita na rin sila sa style mo.  Get some class please and don’t act cheap.

I seldom get affected by competition because they’re part and parcel of the kind of work I have.  They should actually inspire me to work harder and better.  Pero pag ganitong istilo — WHERE CLASS IS ABSENT — kairita talaga.  I rest my case.

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