Time To Beach Party. Time To SarBay.

The Festival Fever is on!

As the time draws near

Excitement is reaching fever pitch!

It’s time for the Biggest Beach Festival in Mindanao!

Time To Beach Party.

Time to SarBay.

From a week-long celebration

Sarangani’s Coming-out Party is now jampacked into three days!

That’s Fun, Food and Frolic rolled into Three Awesome Days!

Excitement is building up

Reservations are churning up

Out-of-towners just might over-run the locals!

All roads will lead to the Biggest Beach Party in Mindanao

Sarangans have ensured that everything will be in tip-top order

All you need to worry about is the Energy that you will need

Papahuli ka pa ba?

Gusto mong maging IN?

Sali na.  Kita-kita tayo.  Time To SarBay.  Now na.

We’ve got a mission!We want to reach out to more people who still may have missed our Facebook page and missed the excitement we’re all having together for the SarBay Fest. Help us reach 6,000 Facebook page likes tonight before midnight. We need 1,400 more. If we can, then it’s a BIGGER party together.   It’s facebook.com/saranganibayfest.  Ask your friends to like the Facebook page. Share our page. Together, we can! Let’s go!

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