Making A Difference By Donating Blood

I’ve been regularly donating blood to the Red Cross yearly

This time around I’m also doing it for a friend as a birthday gift

When Gaygay Llido-Velasquez posted about her “Blood, Life.” program — I immediately signed up

I also knew that my body was super-ready — my dieting made sure of that


But I super-hate needles — I dread the thought of being pricked

So when it was time to be tested for my hemoglobin I actually considered backing out

Not only was it painful — it was darn irksome too

But survived it I did — I didn’t even noticed it was all over

courtesy of ronald velasquez

The best thing that happened was being photographed with the other donors

A team of police officers in their blue sports attire were all-smiles

We all made a difference that day — the blood we donated could save lives

I was smiling from ear to ear myself — there was just so many men… so little time!

If you still haven’t done this — think about it — just do it

Donating blood is also good for you — your body is resuscitated as new blood is “churned-out”

You may have to be courageous but  it’s all about having  SINCERE commitment to help

What’s a little prick to worry about?  You can save a life.

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