Tunog Todo Finalist: Start At The End Band

How was your band formed?
Schoolmates + Drinkmates + Everyone loves to grab “that guitar” so we assigned each one to his own weakest instrument… and there you go, Start at the End. 🙂 Jokes aside, we were actually formed just recently, specific, during this year’s kalilangan festival battle of the bands (feb, 2012). We lost, okay! =) So we’re just about a month old. Cheers!

What or who inspires your band?
Our hot crushes ☺

What makes your band unique and interesting?
Each one of us came from a different taste/genres of music and decided to create a new breed of sound…since we were all friends, they could care less alright? 🙂

What are your band’s goals and aspirations?
To push our own choice of music into stardom. Just kidding. We just wanted to perform on stage, go with the crowd, play some song and have fun! We’ve already created a couple of songs (an album so to speak) but it is yet to be recorded. Circa 2007.

What is the song about, what is it written for and how was it created?
The song Make It Up is about a boy to his girl – his then-ex girlfriend, unfortunately, trying to make up for a second chance.  It started with a cool melodic (rather melancholic) guitar riff in F-major only to be followed by a sad lyrics talking about how “this lone photograph left” reminds him of her, their love story of course thinking it would end “happily ever after” ? NOT… as it all went bad for them. Alas.  Succeeding into the chorus with the boy asking helplessly how to make up for their lost love, this unbearable pain his heart aches for the only girl he truly loved.  And so on…he continues reminiscing his past memories with her (sounds like a hell of a nightmare) begging it (the good ole days) to come back. But all is lost, buddy. All you could do now is cry your heart out, sing a song and move on! Dammit! 🙂 sorry for the long story.

We asked the finalists to answer the questions in their own words.  What you read here has not been edited.  Tell your friends to click the LIKE button of this BLOG post.  Grand Finals will be on April 28, 2012 at 3:00 in afternoon at The Atrium of Gaisano Mall of Gensan.  The 1st Tunog Todo Song-writing/Battle of Bands Competition is brought to you by Project O! Consultants in cooperation with [C]enterpoint Band and GandaEverSoMuch.com.

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