2 Apr 2012

Tunog Todo Finalist: Natural Harmony Band

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How was your band formed?
Our band was originally formed through an acoustic fest that we once joined. Since then, when we join competitions, we never changed our band name. We remained the “Natural Harmony”.

What or who inspires your band?
Whenever we write songs, be it slow or fast, our lyrics and music are always inspired by our one and only Savior, Jesus Christ.

What makes your band unique and interesting?
With our passion to write and play songs that are influenced by the Jazz, Pinoy Soul, Funky, Blues genre, we believe, makes us unique. The way we write our songs, the message and the music, especially when we all come together and play, that makes our band interesting.

What are your band’s goals and aspirations?
Of course, every band desires to be part of the main stream industry, so we are. But our main goal is to share what we have and be able to minister with our songs.

What is the song about, what is it written for and how was it created?
Our song is speaks of the real answer to the problems of this world. You do not need to look for answers in this world but to trust the one who promised to never leave you, and that is God. The song is written for those who never knew the truth and that becomes the inspiration for this song, to minister to this world.

We asked the finalists to answer the questions in their own words.  What you read here has not been edited.  Tell your friends to click the LIKE button of this BLOG post.  Grand Finals will be on April 28, 2012 at 3:00 in afternoon at The Atrium of Gaisano Mall of Gensan.  The 1st Tunog Todo Song-writing/Battle of Bands Competition is brought to you by Project O! Consultants in cooperation with [C]enterpoint Band and

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6 Responses to “Tunog Todo Finalist: Natural Harmony Band”

  1. Angeliqa said:

    like ko voice ng singer nyu:) gudlak:)

  2. fredo basino said:

    This is ok…i appreciate it!

  3. Jazzy said:

    walang kupas. kudos to you Dione and the rest of the band!

  4. ruthy07 said:

    God bless u guyz…

  5. john steven said:

    God bless! continue to fulfill your dreams and share God’s word thru ur music… I am proud of You…

  6. sundy said:

    wow ganda talaga ng singer ninyu!
    subra ako na inspire sa pag kanta!
    amaze talaga yung kanta rin yan!

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