Tunog Todo Finalist: Marty’s Playhouse

How was your band formed?
We started out as part of the music team of Immanuel Christian fellowship, there, we grew not only musically but also spiritually.  Then we decided to form a band and reach out to people in the best way that we know. Through music.

What or who inspires your band?
Jesus Christ, our loved ones.

What makes your band unique and interesting?
“we have Rico J. Punobamboo (milo). Hahahaha.”
“we have a female bassist. That’s pretty harcore. Hahaha”.
“we have the best drummer in the city (self proclaimed..:DDD)”.
“we all can dance?”
“we like to write melodic and progressive original songs”.
“we have the BEST management”.
“we prefer simplicity over complexity”
“we love to eat”.
“we love centerpoint and their songs”.
“our singer likes to imitate Mr. Densho Biala”
“we make it a point to be wholesome at ALL times”.

What are your band’s goals and aspirations?
*we all desire to make it big
*we aspire to have our own recording studio and hear people singing our songs aloud
*we dream to reach out millions of people through the songs that we play.

What is the song about, what is it written for and how was it created?

Letters…………”the song is basically a letter for someone we love wholeheartedly  with the creative expression of our sentiments, aspirations, thoughts, feelings,indefinite  affection and  profound adoration.We originally wrote this song as a praise song but since the kaskas management expressed “wag masyadong religious para hindi matakot ang mga adik.” So we made slight but  eventful changes in the lyrics.

The song is the result of the sheer overflow of the playmate’s ingenious musical chemistry.  We intentionally made a song from the key of  “Eb” and then started singing at  “C#.” All instrumental lines  were carefully  experimented to produce simplified  production of  the song in totality.  The rest  is history.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

We asked the finalists to answer the questions in their own words.  What you read here have not been edited.  Tell your friends to click the LIKE button of this BLOG post.  Grand Finals will be on April 28, 2012 at 3:00 in afternoon at The Atrium of Gaisano Mall of Gensan.  The 1st Tunog Todo Song-writing/Battle of Bands Competition is brought to you by Project O! Consultants in cooperation with [C]enterpoint Band and GandaEverSoMuch.com.

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