2 Apr 2012

Tunog Todo Finalist: Descendants Of The First Born Band

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How was your band formed?
dofb is a group of music enthusiasts who, having been driven by their love for music, formed the band with the hope to instill unity, patriotism, friendship, and fear for God through their music. Formerly known as the battle of souls (bos) band, which was formed early in 2oo2.

What or who inspires your band?
GOD, FrancisM, DictaLicense, RATM, Mutemath, MALAY, KAPATID, Dong Abay,

What makes your band unique and interesting?
dotfb jams for fun and passion–not for glory. dotfb has played and will play on believing that we can make a difference through our  music…

What are your band’s goals and aspirations?
In between 5-10 audiences, at least 1 of them would be touched, and be awaken on the reality itself with our music.

What is the song about, what is it written for and how was it created?
Basically the song is all about hope, to instill the change that we want with our country, change must start with in our selves, with in our words, for at the end of the day, it’s not for who we are, but it’s on what we do that defines us.  The song was created out of loathe, out of thirst for Change, and we mean REAL CHANGE…

We asked the finalists to answer the questions in their own words.  What you read here have not been edited.  Tell your friends to click the LIKE button of this BLOG post.  Grand Finals will be on April 28, 2012 at 3:00 in afternoon at The Atrium of Gaisano Mall of Gensan.  The 1st Tunog Todo Song-writing/Battle of Bands Competition is brought to you by Project O! Consultants in cooperation with [C]enterpoint Band and

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12 Responses to “Tunog Todo Finalist: Descendants Of The First Born Band”

  1. Angeliqa said:

    go go go DOTFB! sing your heart and soul out! be d change you want others to see! make a difference! God Bless U guys:)

  2. tenshin nozomi said:

    GO DOTFB! Hit the mark!:)

  3. Tatiana said:

    banat idol Brylle and Cocoi:)) break a leg!:-p

  4. critic to poetic said:

    nice advocacy mga dre! rock on!

  5. mama bebing said:


  6. Mark said:

    For The Win DOTFB! :D

  7. Angeliqa said:

    hahahahha Rock n Roll din c kagawad lol! :-p

  8. Dean said:

    nice 1^^,

  9. Michael Andrew Carbon said:

    FTW DOTFB! Yeah! Full support ako!

  10. TatiaNigel said:

    PANALO na YAN!:) sa advocacy plang palong palo na! THUMBS UP

  11. King Zapanta said:

    These are the group of people who work hard not just for the benefit of singing or to entertain. But for the passion of helping the world for a better change. They were recognized for having great composition with thousands of youth on an international gathering. This a the passion, a calling, that it is the youth whom could start a real change. Make it happen, and let DOTFB rock it, and help you shout! SIMULA NG PAGBABAGO. For the win!

  12. Ritchill said:

    King Zapanta I can only agree with U… these very promising young artists aren’t fueled by cupity for fame but by their incessant quest for d real change which they know by the heart and soul is not impossible if there is even at least 1 out of 10 people who will be awakened and will cooperate in making that “change” a reality…A TRUE BLOODED FILIPINOs who craves for betterness, equality, justice and freedom:) Truly awe-inspiring people… an INSPIRATION❤ Keep the flames of ur heart’s desire burning… GOD BLESS DOTFB… GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES…

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