Tunog Todo Finalists Bared

Project O! Consultants and [C]enterpoint Band

would like to announce the five finalists to the

1st Kaskas Song-writing / Battle of the Bands Competition

Here are the song entries and the bands in random order

by Marty’s Playhouse

Simulan Ang Pagbabago
by Descendants Of The First Born

by Natural Harmony

Make It Up
by Start At The End

Ayusin Natin Ito
by End of August

The music videos of each entry will be recorded this week

They will then be posted here for the LIKES-voting to commence


The Final Five will have a meeting at Dadiangas Baptist Church (Life’s Centerpoint)- Official on Thursday, 3pm. Bring all your band mates. Prepare 500php for the trust fund! Get ready to shoot a live acoustic Music Video and pictorials!

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