My Juana Change Challenge: The Battle Of The Bulge

Once upon a time there was this overly fat guy who just ate and ate to his heart’s content.  Still mindful of his health, he made sure that he took his daily maintenance medicines.  That was his excuse for his binge-eating.  He just ate and ate and ate.  He stocked his refrigerator with all his favorite food — wakes up at midnight to snack on chocolates and whatever leftover there was.  He stopped weighing himself and just told everyone that he weighed “about” 270 pounds when in fact he has exceeded 300#.  He tried every weight loss program — failed miserably many times over and just gained more weight.

For clothes, he had to wear them not just double, triple nor quadruple Xtra-large — it had to be 5XL at his biggest.  He had to hide those extra bulges here and there so loose clothes were his sanctuary.  For him, as long as the clothes fit, he’s FIT.  He knew something was amiss when he couldn’t fit in an airline seatbelt  and needed an extension belt.  Going up the stairs has become an agony for him.  He found himself catching his breath for menial physical tasks.  The worst part came when two people were able to fit in his pants. He began to worry.  His health wasn’t all that good as it seems.  He was a ticking time bomb.

photo courtesy of ric dumalay

In November 2011, he had the shock of his life when he saw Mae Paner aka Juana Change in a Blogging event in Gensan.  Mae Paner is one stout woman, humungous and overtly over-weight.  But this Mae Paner looked as if she lost 50 kilograms — she looked different — she was still fat per se but she looked better.  The equally fat guy felt a tinge of envy.  How can Mae Paner change just like that?  Well, he learned that she finally realized that she needed to loose the excess poundage to live longer.  On her own, she changed her eating habits.  They took a special liking to each other — Mae Paner challenged him.  He promised to take up on her challenge and made a deal to JUANA CHANGE by January 1, 2012.

January 1, 2012 came and went.  Nothing was happening.  He was worried.  Mae Paner has been following up on her challenge.  He was finding every excuse on earth to delay his Juana Change Challenge and he was running out of excuses.  Truth to tell, he didn’t know how to start.  He knew that if he did it on his own, he will fail miserably, AGAIN.  Then his friend Melanie Macaraeg invited him to a weight-management briefing.  He had to literally drag himself out of bed to attend — for him, this is going to be some people selling something and raising false hopes.  Well, that briefing was life-changing.  He decided to start his Battle of the Bulge last February 1, 2012.  From Day 1, he stayed true to his diet program thru the help of his Nutritionist Chef Ernan and his wellness coach Lisa.

photo courtesy of grace mejia-turiano

His journey to wellness is all about The Right Approach.  He learned that whatever excesses one has in their bodies is because of their food intake.  No amount of exercise will matter for as long as you binge-eat.  His first month taught him proper food proportioning.  The Right Approach to eating called for regular intake of fruits, vegetables, protein and carbohydrates.  It took some effort to eat fruits and vegetables first but he eventually got the hang of it.  There were a few sacrifices:  No softdrinks.  No durian.  No chicken skin.  No more humba.  No beer nor wine.  No chocolates.  He is winning this battle.  In his first month, he lost over 10 kilos already.  He’s loosing the excess daily.  Believe.

The TRA advantage.

  • NO SIDE EFFECTS (Guaranteed)
  • HEALTHIER After Weight Loss

When I started my diet regimen, a lot of eyebrows raised and a few snickers here and there can be heard.  Most of my friends were supportive but they just felt that I was going to fail my JUANA CHANGE CHALLENGE.  It hurts when people talk about your weight or make fun of your bulk.  No amount of self-confidence can make an overweight person feel good about himself.  But I was determined to succeed — not for anyone but for myself.  I want to live longer.  I want to look better.  I want to love myself again.  This journey has just begun.  If you want to know more about THE RIGHT APPROACH to weight management, call Lisa at 0922-821-2823.

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