Tunog Todo Song Writing (Battle of the Bands) Competition Slated

Project O! Consultants in cooperation with [C]enterpoint Band and GandaEverSoMuch.com announces the first Tunog Todo Song Writing (Battle of Bands) Competition.  This is the brainchild of [C]enterpoint Band ever since they spearheaded Kaskas, an informal organization of local singing groups which has been doing the rounds of Gensan for their night jams participated by local talents.  Kaskas Jam Sessions brought to fore the need to recognize Gensan’s wealth of winners as far as musicality is concerned.  So much so that this competition was conceptualized.  The team behind the competition is guided by the following:

  1. General Santos City is full of undiscovered talents and we would like to uncover those who write original songs and give them a chance to hit the city’s mainstream.
  2. Events and shows in GenSan not only will give performance opportunities to local bands and entertain people but would also give way to partnering companies to market their products.
  3. As the city booms and blooms in terms of urbanization and economy, the music industry should not be left behind. The more songs we record and the more music videos released, the bigger the music industry in our city gets.

Here are the Contest Mechanics and Guidelines:

  1. The contest is open only to new and non-members of Kaskas.
  2. Contestants may represent schools or barangays of their choice with one entry per group.
  3. Submission of entries will be from March 15 – 26, 2012.
  4. Only one entry from a group is allowed for submission.
  5. Contestants must submit a duly filled up entry form which can be downloaded from the Kaskas Facebook Page to [email protected] including the recorded material (in mp3-format).  To confirm their submission, they should send a text message to 0922-288-4040.
  6. The recorded song should have only one accompaniment.  A guitar or a piano version would be preferable.
  7. Song language must either be in Tagalog, Bisaya, Illonggo or English.
  8. Song lyrics must portray positivity and must not include obscene and explicit material.
  9. The song should not have been previously released.
  10. The songwriter should be part of the interpreting band.  The band should compose of a minimum of 3 members up to a maximum of six.
  11. The Core Evaluating Committee will choose five finalists from among the entries.
  12. Each Group-Finalist will be required to pay a registration fee of Php500.00.
  13. Each of the Group-Finalists will be featured in a blog post in GandaEverSoMuch.com containing their Group Picture, Information about the Group and a Music Video of their entry on March 31, 2012.  This will be the venue for the Most-Number-Of-Likes contest.
  14. Voting in terms of Number of Likes will run from April 1 – April 20, 2012. 
  15. For their like-votes to be counted, voters will have to like the Facebook page of:
    1. Centerpoint Band – https://www.facebook.com/angbandangcenterpoint
    2. Kaskas – https://www.facebook.com/kasasgsc
    3. Ganda Ever So Much – https://www.facebook.com/GandaEverSoMuch
  16. The Grand Finals will be on April 28, 2012 at the Atrium of Gaisano Mall of Gensan.  Each Group-Finalist will be required to perform (in full band) the following:
    1. An assigned song by Centerpoint
    2. Their original entry
  17. The Finalists are only allowed 10 – 15 minutes of on stage time.  Excess minutes will be deducted from the On Stage Judging where one minute excess is equivalent to 1% deduction.
  18. The following awards will be acknowledged with certificates and sponsor giveaways:
    following major awards and prizes will be given:
  • Champion –Will be given an opportunity to record the entry song in full band and a [C]enterpoint produced music video + P5,000 cash prize
  • 1st Runner-up
    • – Will be given an opportunity to record the entry song in full band + P3,000 cash prize
  • 2nd  Runner-up – P2,000 cash prize
  • 2 consolation prizes – P1,000 cash prize each

19.  The following minor awards will be acknowledged with certificates and sponsor giveaways:

  • Best Lyrics – Score topper from the “Core Evaluation” judging
  • Most Liked – Score topper from the “Number of Likes” computation
  • Best Performance – Score topper from the “On-stage” judging

20.  Criteria for Judging

a. Core Evaluation – 40%

  • Lyrical Quality (Grammar, poetry & language construction) – 25%
  • Message (Timeliness of the positive meaning) – 25%
  • Clarity of the Message (How understandable the song is) – 25%
  • Melody (The quality and beauty of the tune) – 25%

b.  Number of Likes – 20%

The entry with the most number of likes will automatically have a perfect 20% and the rate of the rest of the entries will be compared to the top score.

c.  On-stage – 40%

  • Full Band Arrangement of the Song Entry (The song’s overall dynamics) – 30%
  • Stage Presence (Performer’s stage ethics, chemistry and movement) – 20%
  • Voice Mastery (The vocalist(s)’s quality) – 20%
  • Musical Mastery (The instrumentalists’ quality) – 20%
  • Audience Impact (Public acceptance of the performance) – 10%

21.  Inability to follow the Kaskas Regulations may result to disqualification.



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