American Idol Season 11 Off To A Good Start

My interest about American Idol started to wane after my bets in Seasons 7 and 8 didn’t win.  In Season 7, it was a toss-up between the two Davids — Archuleta and Cook, which Cook eventually won.  Though disappointed, David Cook was indeed deserving of the top prize.  However,  in Season 8, the more talented Adam Lambert lost to so-so Kris Allen.  After that I stopped watching American Idol.  Season 9 came and went but who even cared a certain Lee Dewyze won?  My interest came rushing back in Season 10.  I was gunning for James Durbin to win but the one-dimensional Scotty McCreery won America’s heart.  I just knew that Scotty will follow the footsteps of past AI winners who never hit the big-time.

The reason why my interest came back is Steven Tyler.  One of America’s prized rock stars added more heart to the oftentimes heartless reality show.  Season 11 kicked off with a surprisingly good number of talented aspiring singers from around America.  The grueling Hollywood Week plus the Las Vegas eliminations whittled the number to the Top 24 (12 Guys and 12 Ladies).  I do not agree with some of their choices  but this latest batch of wannabes make for one exciting season.  Check them out and start choosing your favorites.

AARON MARCELLUS – 27 years old | Atlanta, GA

ADAM BROCK – 27 years old | Washington, PA

CHASE LIKENS – 20 years old | Point Pleasant, WV

COLTON DIXON – 20 years old | Murfreesboro, TN

CREIGHTON FRAKER – 28 years old | Queens, NY

DEANDRE BRACKENSICK – 17 years old | San Jose, CA

EBEN FRANCKEWITZ – 15 years old | Loveland, OH

HEEJUN HAN – 22 years old | Flushing, NY

JEREMY ROSADO – 19 years old | Valrico, FL

JOSHUA LEDET – 19 years old | Westlake, LA

PHILLIP PHILLIPS – 21 years old | Leesburg, GA

REED GRIMM – 26 years old | Ellsworth, WI

BAYLIE BROWN – 22 years old | Krum, TX

BRIELLE VON HUGEL – 17 years old | Staten Island, NY

CHELSEA SORRELL – 23 years old | Stokesdale, NC

ELISE TESTONE – 28 years old | Charleston, SC

ERIKA VAN PELT – 26 years old | South Kingstown, RI

HALEY JOHNSEN – 23 years old | Beaverton, OR

HALLIE DAY – 24 years old | Baltimore, MD

HOLLIE CAVANAGH – 18 years old | McKinney, TX

JEN HIRSH – 25 years old | Agoura Hills, CA

JESSICA SANCHEZ – 16 years old | San Diego, CA

SHANNON MAGRANE – 16 years old | Tampa, FL

SKYLAR LAINE – 18 years old | Brandon, MS

And here’s the exciting part, one of these guys will be LUCKY #13.  Now this is something I wanna see for myself.

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