Keith & Teena: I Was Born For You

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It always amazed me on how God arranges everything in such a way that two different people from different places meet and become one. 

I was born in Gensan and live here all my life until I was invited by my cousin to have vacation in Laguna.  Never did I know that God is already directing my steps to the man He has prepared for me.  Life was good in Gensan but there are always setbacks and disappointments.

I was mending a broken heart and soul brought about by circumstances when my cousin called.  I said “Yes” to the invitation without much thought.  This is a much needed break, I told myself.  I was in a crossroad and don’t know which direction to take, a chance for me to do soul searching, away from the memories and people who hurt me.

When in Laguna, I was hired by Nissan Motor Philippines as Strategic Planning and Management Analyst where Keith also worked as Paint Laboratory Engineer. Keith was described as quiet and a very kind while I as snob and aloof. An ebony and ivory as others would say.

Our love story began in July 2009, a co-worker officially introduced us to each other during our company  Values Formation Program. There was nothing magical during our  first meeting. It was just a simple smile and a handshake, no words like “Hi and  Hello”.  I wasn’t swept off my feet as I would always imagine.

Thanks to our officemates who thought that we can be good together and started their matchmaking duties. They started to plan for group dates and initiate ways that we can be close to each other. Keith and I were not talking, he was not a talker anyway and so am I. Teasing is part of our day.

I was not attracted to Keith at first but I got challenged and wondered why he was  not talking me, not even getting my mobile number, no invites in friendster and facebook accounts as well but I received emails everyday saying “Good Morning”,  “Eat your lunch now” and “Let’s go home now”  through our company email account.  From time to time I would find chocolates on my desk from unknown sender.

One Saturday morning, I received a phone call and it was Keith on the other line. I thought it was an office matter but I was wrong, he asked if I am free on Monday (a holiday), if we could go out because it’s Sta. Rosa Day and I said yes. It was only then that he asked for my number. We watched “Avatar ” at Festival Mall in Alabang.

Suddenly it’s like a magic, the more we get to know each other, the closer we get to each other. Emails during work days and call & text during off days deepen our relationship from friendship to love. We were almost inseparable after our first meeting until days past, we just woke up and realized that we love each other.  I was unofficial his until we decided to formalize everything after a month.   He got my yes under the trees and lovely stars at the romantic ground of Paseo de Sta. Rosa. From that moment on, I know that he is the man that God has prepared for me. He is my LYF “Love You Forever”, our terms of endearment to each other.

It was in Dec. 26, 2010 that LYF asked for my hand from my parents.  Wedding was set August 2011.  It was during this time also when LYF decided to take a job in Singapore and things were not the same. Goodbye is always painful, no words can express my pains during the goodbye moments. Tears flowed as the airplane flew, I don’t know if we can get through this sudden change.

I followed in Singapore in October 2011 but it wasn’t so favorable for me that I decided to go back in Gensan.  Long distance relationship was a challenge for both of us.  Our relationship started to fall apart until the postponement of wedding date was discussed.  Both of us needed time to think through with the changes of events.  We were not able to cope right away with the changes.

The postponement or cancellation as I thought was heartbreaking.  Another setback, but life has to go on.  Never did I thought that we can rebuild the relationship after that setback but God did make it happen.  After so much drama and sleepless nights, we realize that we are indeed for each other.

The best thing in having a long-distance relationship is the rewarding feeling of meeting again seeing how you both won over all the challenges that went through.  I know God has set LYF to be my other half.  No matter what comes in between, I know LYF will always go back to his home and that is me, his other half.  His soul will yearn for me and so am I, that’s why we decided to be of one flesh.  March 26, 2012 is the date, we will pledge our love with our families, friends and with God, the perfect matchmaker.



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