Joey & Lech: The Story Of Us

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You are the love of my life
And I’m so glad you found me
You are the love of my life
Baby put your arms around me
I guess this is how it feels
When you finally find something real
My angel in the night
You are my love
The love of my life…

It all began in the middle of a busy day in my life. I was producing a show aired over ABS-CBN TV-3 General Santos which needed a female host so we opened the station for auditions. As there was a “looong” line of aspirants, I found myself half hoping to immediately find the right girl for the job. To my dismay, the queue kept on getting long. By mid-afternoon, I was really beginning to feel lethargic and frustrated because we still have not found “her”.

During the break, I stood up for coffee when a chinese-looking girl rushed before me. I can’t help but be mesmerized by her charm. Little did I know that I was enthralled by her. The next thing I know I was already staring in her face in the Television monitor. “What a beauty”, I silently said to myself.

When it was my turn to interview her, I unfortunately mumbled on every word I uttered. My tongue seemed to just roll up and tied itself. What a shame! But eventually, I got to get myself back on the wheels and was able to find out a lot of interesting information about herself, her interests and her opinions.

Obviously, what started as a busy and exhausting day turned out to be one of my most unforgettable ones. As I was gathering all the taped auditions, I made a mental note of all the potential aspirants- including the “Chinita “Girl whose name is Lech Walesa Ong.

It has been two weeks since the auditions. The station has already chosen the girl who will be playing the part of the female host for the program but the past 14 days have quite seemed like a torture to me. The girl just won’t get out off my head! This is crazy, I said! Why am I acting strangely? I behaved like a High School Teeny Bopper! I keep on seeing her face anywhere.

One time, KCC Mall invited me to host one of their shows. I asked if I could have a female host with me (of course with the “Chinita” girl in my mind!) After they have approved of it, I immediately offered the job to Lech, explaining that this would be a very good experience for her. The truth is, I really intended to have some time with her (echus kaayo!) Sabi pa nga nia,” …, kaya ko ba kuya”?, mag make-up pa ba ako?, at ano ang susuotin ko?”…

That started the beautiful friendship between the two of us. Being with her always brings a smile on my face. We got into the habit of exchanging text messages and hanging around each other. As we learned bits and pieces about each other’s personality; the truth has dawned on me. This girl is making me happy. Very Happy. And I cannot deny it anymore. I fell in love with the petit chinita girl whom I have interviewed on an audition! She was on my thoughts at night. I can feel her innocent stare from afar. I just love being with her everyday and I can’t wait any longer to let her know how I feel.

I’ve finally found someone
Someone who knocks me out of my feet
Finally found the one
Who makes me feel complete
My favorite line is “can I call you sometime”
Best things in life begin….

“He’s asked me out for dinner!” I was in a state of euphoria when Joey Concepcion finally asked me out for an intimate dinner. I just don’t seem to find the right dress to wear. Gosh! Why am I reacting this way? I was giggling at the thought that this night would somehow turn out to be something really special. How assuming!

Joey and I had Dinner together in one of our favorite restaurants. We had a nice time chatting around. The night just seemed to feel somewhat romantic. I can somehow feel that we were a little “different” that night…or is it just me? After dinner, we took a short walk along Carlos P. Garcia Park .I never thought that the place would look or feel romantic to me! Hahahhaha. But at that time, nothing seemed to matter. I was simply in cloud 9! I was chatting non-stop along the way. We were laughing and throwing corny jokes which tickled the fancy out of me. I was laughing my heart out when Joey suddenly blurted out “I Love you , Lech.”

The world stopped spinning. I paused and suddenly I feel like a thousand words went rushing inside my head. “What did he just say? Did I hear him right? What am I gonna say? Am I daydreaming again?” I can hear my heart pounding so hard people would hear it like drumbeats of the Kuerdas Band! I looked at Joey like I have never seen him like before: the guy suddenly turned out to be the Prince William I was dreaming of complete with crown and cape! Ki-kyeme pa ba ako? Wa na te! I gathered all the strength and positive chi I could and responded bashfully, “I love you too, Joey.”

I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
A whole new world…

We shared a relationship that was built on friendship and trust. We enjoyed each other’s company despite our busy schedules. (Local) Media frenzies and academic activities were never a hindrance to keep the fire between us burning. We also had a share of down times of course. Who doesn’t? Even Prince Charles and Princess Dianna’s relationship went through emotional calamity! But by God’s grace, we were able to fix things up before it’s blown out of proportion.

Today, we are ready to take this beautiful union to a higher level. Four years of being together as a couple have helped strengthen our relationship. Lech will soon be earning her diploma in BS in Business Administration and I am very much pleased with the course that my career is going.

We both plan to travel the world when we get married. Perhaps go to Singapore and to the most romantic place on earth, Paris! I want to show Lech the world. How big and breathtaking it is and how she has made it such a wonderful place to live in.

We are taking this beautiful union to a whole new world…

By God’s grace Lech and I will be tying the knot In April this year. I promise to love and cherish her and to be her knight in the shining armor always and forever. –Joey

I can’t wait for the day to be the girl of his dreams and to be the bride that he deserves. I swear to love and support him in all his endeavors. To share with him in his triumphs and failures. Even if the carriage turns back into pumpkin, and my hair gets tangled! Joey will always be my real life prince charming!-Lech

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