When A Booboo Becomes A Bravo

courtesy of newmedia.com.ph

Ambaduy-baduy ko talaga!  I’m so out of touch!

Clueless ako last year nung sumabog ang Christopher Lao controversy

Nababasa ko na sya sa Twitter pero di ko pa rin pinansin

Ni hindi ko nga alam na nasa You Tube siya

Kung hindi dahil ke Raffy Tima malamang clueless pa rin ako hanggang ngayon

Guest kasi ng SoCSKSarGen Bloggers si Raffy nung BlogFest 3.0

Very engaging ang speech nya about Responsible Use of Social Media

Ito ang bagong advocacy ng GMA Kapuso Network:  “Think Before You Click”

Nung pinalabas na nya ang GMA News item about Christopher Lao

My jaw literally dropped in disbelief — no wonder nilait-lait si Lao

Whatever Christopher Lao was thinking that time must really be important

 Suungin ba naman yung binabahang kalye eh di lumutang ang kotse nya

His frustration and inability to do anything was all over his face

Kaya nga nung ininterview na sya aakalain mong ang yabang nya pa

His infamous line:  “I SHOULD HAVE BEEN INFORMED!” made him the much-maligned Pinoy that time

And just when we thought that was the last of Christopher Lao

BPI FAMILY resurrects him with a witty outtake on his video

Sa unang nood ko akala ko talaga it was the original video

Then it becomes all clear — BPI uses the booboo and turns it around to their advantage

Now the much-maligned Lao is laughing his way to the bank

How about that for recovery?  Bravo, BPI Family!  Bravo, Christopher Lao!


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