Happy Birthday, Golden Boy! Happy Birthday, Kuya Avel!

 Happy birthday, Kuya Avel!

Singkwenta ka na meaning masyonda ka na!

Pero in fairness kahit 50 ka na prettiness pa rin

Am sure marami kang mga wishes and dreams

Go lang… wish ka lang and dream mo lang — libre lang yan

Malay mo biglang dumating ang Fairy Godmother, di ba?

Sensya na kung walang kang Hong Kong trip na regalo from moi

Busy lang ang career kaya wa ka sa priority list

Rest assured, love kita — may magagawa ba ako? Charot!

Hope you have a blast of a birthday party tonight


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  1. avelmar,
    mamang.. happy bday… always remember that “you’re in my heart, you’re in my soul..you’ll be my friend til i grow old.. you are my lover, you’re my best friend… ”
    loveyah all the time…

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