Major Major Fail, Cebu Pacific Air!

If there is something that Cebu Pacific Air has done right

It’s educating Pinoy passengers never to be late for their flights

I’ve been bumped off twice and it’s not something I would wish anyone to undergo

That’s why I try to be at the airport two hours earlier than my Cebu Pacific flight

Yesterday, I checked in at 9am  and was advised of the delay to 11:30am

I was engrossed about my seat assignment that I forgot to ask the reason of the delay

Inside the pre-departure area, most of the passengers seemed restless

I discovered that quite a number of flights have been delayed

 A co-passenger said that our flight was further moved to 1:30pm

He knew it from the electronic announcement board — for heaven’s sake!

First major fail, if you ask me  — why post it even before announcing it??!

And they announced at around 12nn — I stood up to buy lunch

The airport ambience was becoming uncomfortable

With the negative vibes coming from irate passengers, it was getting warm

I moved to Gate #5 deciding to wait for my flight there

Four hours into the delayed flight, we were asked to line up for lunch

I knew then that we’re gonna wait much much longer

Rightfully so, they announced that our plane has yet to arrive from Gensan

And that the next announcement will be at around 1:30pm

From that time onwards, delayed flights to Davao, Butuan and Manila flew

I noticed that irate passengers were complaining loudly to the ground personnel

I kept my cool — thanks to Angry Birds in my iPad but I was getting frustrated too

My Facebook, Plurk and Twitter friends knew about my predicament

I was updating my status regularly and they were as pissed as I was

@CebuPacificAir on Twitter stayed SILENT all that time!

At around 4:00pm we were given snacks — Yes, Virginia, we lined up again

There was also a hurried atmosphere among the ground crew

I just knew that our flight will soon be called

True enough, we were called  to board at 4:45pm

Our flight finally left Cebu Airport at 5:05pm — seven hours delayed from our schedule

From the Gensan Airport, I had to rush to a client’s event — LATE.

I am home and safe in Gensan but a question continued to linger

Our flight was delayed for more than three hours

Three hours is the threshold of any airline company in an event of delay or cancellation

I read Cebu Pacific Air’s Terms & Conditions on their website and learned about the TRAVEL FUND

Other airlines call it vouchers and I believe me and the 155 other passengers need some clarification

The ball is on your court, Cebu Pacific Air

Every Juan needs some explaining from time to time

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