A Love Experience

So there I was still smarting a hangover

I had to get ready for a commitment in the boondocks

In 2010, we planted trees and I vividly remember how exhilarating it was

It would seem an easy task but it was not

And with my immense weight, tree planting is not a walk in the park

But enjoy it, I did — I made a difference that year

The trees have grown and Mother Nature smiled

This time around, we’re going to make little hearts happy

Donna of KikayMuch.me and the Sarifa Family spearheaded this worthy endeavor

We’re going to give gifts, share the fun and feed children of Sitio Salkak

Sitio Salkak is located in the hilly part of Polomolok

The climate is so cool that one wouldn’t wonder why kids abound

Green is green in Sitio Salkak

Clean air is clean and the view is inspiring

I could have sang the first notes of the SOUND OF MUSIC

But then again, I might scare the little kids

They all came in different sizes — small, medium, not so large

All of them round-eyed and clueless with what’s gonna happen

They were clumsy during the first game — probably sizing us up

But when their adrenaline started pumping their competitive nature emerge

Then I noticed their slippers — all old and tattered

Donna and I exchanged glances — we agreed to return with new slippers for everyone

The spirit of giving was in the air that day

The smiles that you see in everyone’s face is so heartwarming

After their merienda, we gathered all of them for a film showing

This time, we wanted to educate not only the little ones but their parents as well

Donna played a film about the environment which they seemed to like

At the end I shared the simplest of all things to ponder:  Disposing garbage properly

I’m happy that I ended the year with an activity like this

It brings you back to earth and makes you realize what your part of the world needs now

Share your blessing.  Love your neighbors.  Respect the environment.

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