Had A Blast @ The Davao Bloggers’ Christmas Ball

Being in Davao on a Sunday was time well-spent

I didn’t only get to bond with Power Couple Lyle & Brendel

I also got the chance to dine at Mooon Cafe (again!)

More importantly, the Black & White Christmas Ball

Of the Davao Bloggers was happening that night

I really wanted to dress up in my suit but decided not to

Baka kasi isipin nilang over-acting akong masyado

We spent our waiting hours at Bo’s Cafe – Abreeza

By six o’clock in the evening, we were on our way to the party venue

Cafe Aurora is located at the ground floor of The Metropolis Suites

We were among the first to arrive but you can already feel the excitement in the air

courtesy of charles t. ortiz

The venue was arranged to jibe with the Black & White party theme

The young turks were busy with the last minute preparations

We had great fun posing at  MarkDotDate‘s photobooth

While waiting for the party to start, we reconnected with friends

It was good to pump hands with not-so-often-seen Davao Bloggers

By the time the Ball got rolling, we were already primed for a grand time

From start to finish, this probably is the most enjoyable party that I’ve attended

And (to my surprise) I was asked to share my thoughts and inspiration that night

Mukha namang natuwa silang lahat kasi tawa sila ng tawa sa speech ko

Since we had to rush back to Gensan, we had to leave at around midnight

Kuya Avel, Marz and I were still talking about the party on our ride home

We agreed that this was the Mother of all Christmas Parties in Davao

Thank you, Davao Bloggers for inviting us — we felt very special

Congratulations to the new President Dulce Rose Lada and your team

The coming year looks very rosy indeed

In the meantime, watch this video that I put together…

The Davao Bloggers’ Black & White Christmas Ball was made possible with the support of the following generous sponsors: Globe TelecomSolidHosting.PHMetropolis Suites DavaoThemecredibleKaiser Web SolutionMarkDotDate Photobooth DavaoLeyendeLachi’s Sans Rival AtbpYoh Froz DavaoSan Miguel Corporation.

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