Asia United Bank’s Virtual Teller Kiosk Is As Easy As 1-2-3!

For the record, AUB was the first to introduce this innovation

The Virtual Teller Kiosk (VTK) is a queuing system that has wowed our clients

I wanted to highlight the ease of using the VTK

So I thought of coming up with a print ad that says it all

AUB’s Virtual Teller Kiosk is as easy as…

You encode the transaction details in the VTK console

You get your queue slip

You see the teller at your turn

As you input your transaction details to the VTK console

The information is fed to the Tellering System

Thus this speeds up the procedure,

Eliminates human error in processing transactions,

And skips time-consuming account reconciliation at the end of the day

Our VTK will make your banking experience easy, brisk and efficient.

We even won an award for it

So get your hands on our VTK by opening an account now

It’s gonna be an experience you’ll come back to again and again


Special thanks to Mandi Nicolas for putting all of these together

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