Awesome Nail Art By An Awesome Lady

Tribute To Manny Pacquiao

My first encounter with Nail Art was forgettable.  The lady who did my nails then was a sorry excuse for talent.  Buti na lang I was not in my bitchy element so I just let it pass.  Immediately after she painted my nails I was screaming silently for acetone.  Then I met Rina Alcantara and Nail Art became a whole new world for me.  Our first encounter was last September during the SoCCSKSarGen Experience Tour — di pa nga kami masyadong close nun but I noticed na her fingernails.  Then during my last trip in Manila, Rina and I finally got the chance to chika and eventually get to bond.  That time, she was excited about the TV shoot by GMA featuring her craft and the Manny Pacquiao tribute she made.  What really floored me is the fact that she can paint those beautiful designs on her nails with so much ease!  Even the GMA guys were amazed!  And there’s more about this petite lady that really warms the heart — and that is another story to tell.  In the meantime, check out these awesome nail art designs by my good friend, Rina…

Smurf Attack

Sponge Bob & Patrick

Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse

My Little Christmas Tree

courtesy of philippine blog awards

Rina Alcantara is a thirty-something artist who has been enjoying her escapades with two of her best buddies, Dax and Fitz.  Her Blog Simply Rins was recently awarded as Best Beauty and Fashion Blog (Luzon Category) by the Philippine Blog Awards.  Check out here blog site by clicking HERE.

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