Is Guyabano Fruit The Cure For Cancer?

 Last Saturday, I finally had my fill of my all-time favorite fruit — GUYABANO or soursop.  I bought it from a fruit stand in Tupi town and you could just imagine how happy I was to get my hands on this fruit after a long time.  I remember sharing my first taste of the fruit with my mother who taught me how to eat it with gusto.  Some people might find it too sour but I never had a problem with it.  Unfortunately, through the years, it has become scarce and you can only get your taste of guyabano as a processed juice drink.

And now we’re hearing that the guyabano is a natural cancer cell killer.  In some parts of the world, it is used as an alternative medicine to help cure cancer.  Is it really?  Be forewarned because according to Cancer Research UK, there is not enough evidence of the fruit curing cancer in humans for it to be considered a mainstream form of treatment.  It’s always best to consult your doctor for your health concerns.

Methinks, enjoying the fruit is much better than regarding it as the next miracle drug.  Life is short.  Enjoy what you have now.

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