30 Nov 2011

South Cotabato Tambayan Should Win The Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice Award

Author: orman | Filed under: Good News Ever

In support to my fellow Sox Blogger Nanardz, my vote for 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice goes to SOUTH COTABATO TAMBAYAN.  In recent years, the Philippine Blog Awards have been recognizing not only the Philippines’ most outstanding blogs but also gives readers worldwide to choose who they think deserves the BLOGGERS’ CHOICE and READERS’ CHOICE awards.

My vote for South Cotabato Tambayan goes beyond friendship though.  I admire Nanardz’ commitment to helping his province — his birthplace.  I admire his dedication and hard work in maintaining a very informative blog.  For these reasons alone, Nanardz deserves more than my vote.

I hope you win, my friend!

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4 Responses to “South Cotabato Tambayan Should Win The Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice Award”

  1. nanardxz said:

    Hala.. na-touched ged ko sir O ay.. salamat ged sir O,, pede muhilak? happy ged.. tnx ged sa support sir O.. napakalaking bagay talaga neto.. :)

  2. Tom Brown said:

    Good luck to South Cotabato Tambayan. I great blog to read.

  3. sheng said:

    I am gonna vote for him of course, will do my blogpost agad, anyway, 11pm pa naman ang deadline. Thanks!

  4. nanardxz said:

    thanks maam sheng :)

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