Why Manny Pacquiao Won

For the first time — in all of Pacquiao’s fights — a lot of his fans felt that his win against Marquez was undeserved.  Visually, Marquez looked like the better boxer and Pacquiao appeared clueless to a better-prepared opponent.  Well, end-game statistics show that Pacquiao indeed deserved the win.  Boxing analysts also agrees to the result.  Colin Seymour of The Examiner wrote:  “Pacquiao overcomes crowd’s influence while misguided Marquez bows to it.”  Michael Woods  of ESPN New York succinctly wrote:  “No,  Marquez was not robbed vs. Pacquiao.”

Doubts will remain, I’m sure of that.  There will be calls for a fourth match-up.  Mayweather will definitely have a heyday trash-talking Pacquiao because that’s just his style.  After this fight, I realized that Pacquiao is just human not a god — he, too, is fallible.  His recent fight should give him a scare — even Roach told him after the 7th round that they’re losing on points.  If Pacquiao intends to meet Mayweather on the ring then he’s got to be prepared for it.  No distractions.  No marital spats.  No duets with Kimmel.  Just pure hard work in an intense training.

And for those who doesn’t understand how the boxing judges decide, here’s what Arturo Dalguntas shared on his Facebook:

“In a 10-point system, the boxer who wins a round is given 10 points, and the other boxer gets nine points. (10-9). If there was a knockdown in the round (10-8). 2 Knock downs (10-7) If a Judge can’t decide who won the round, It is scored 10-10. Now if you are the Challenger, you must be the Aggressor(Pacquiao vs Cotto) in a very close rounds the Champion gets 10. For example if Pacquaio would just stay still and Marquez does not Attack, Pacquiao get 10 and Marquez 9. In this case Manny(Champion) was always aggressive while Marquez(Challenger) waits for an attack and counters. Marquez’s body language fooled a lot of people. Making people feel that He was the winner or at least it was a draw. It may look like He was landing more punches but the tricky part here is He was on the Defensive, luring Pacquio into His tactical Traps (Remember the Challenger must be the one who is aggressive to be awarded 10). So even if Marquez did connect more punches He gets only 9 for being Defensive and Manny gets the 10 for being the ATTACKER. Pacquaio got more “10” than Marquez.  Manny wins.”

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