A New Tourism Battlecry: “Choose Philippines”

ABS CBN is now working on a new endeavor — tourism and travel. With the rate things are going at the Department of Tourism, the Kapamilya Network just might be tapping on a gold mine.  They probably are pulling all the stops to ensure that this venture will succeed.  Not only are they tapping the wide network of ABS CBN in the country and around the globe — they are also targeting the viewers of You Tube and other social networking sites.  Consider this:  They have commissioned their popular stars in their infomercials wherein each Kapamilya Star endorses the city, town or municipality of their origin.  Gerald Anderson, for example, chose Gensan.

The business of tourism and travel is BIG BUSINESS and it’s no joke to run it.  Not only will you need resources — you need CREDIBILITY too.  This, I believe, is their main draw.  The Kapamilya Network more often than not delivers.  Check out their website and you’ll see that they really are bent on succeeding in this endeavor.  They are also focused on what their intentions are gonna be for CHOOSE PHILIPPINES.

source: http://choosephils.com/about-us.php

They aim to be the BEST SOURCE of information pertaining to tourism and travel in the Philippines.  And when your website comes out number one in all SEARCH ENGINES in the world-wide-web (when Philippine Travel and Tourism is searched), that spells ka-ching in your cash register.  This is basically another money-making venture of ABS CBN.  I don’t mind — as long as they are helping promote my beloved Philippines in the best positive way, then I am happy.  Let’s support CHOOSE PHILIPPINES.

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