Notre Dameans Bring Home Pageant Crowns

courtesy of brian dan congson

 After reigning in 2010, MSUans turn over their crowns to Notre Dameans

Congratulations to Caroline Lim and Marc Jerick Chan

You both deserve to win as Miss Gensan 2011 and Mr. Gensan 2011 respectively

courtesy of omar gallinero

Last year’s wnners Ghen Mutia and Jenel Labiana were a picture-perfect pair

Ghen simply looked ravishing in her resplendent red gown

Jenel was debonair and  every bit of a gentlemen in his tuxedo

courtesy of omar gallinero

 In a star-studded Grand Coronation night, two stars shone brightly for keeping the show tight

Binibining Pilipinas World 2006 Anna Maris Igpit wowed everyone in her three gown changes

Kapuso Hunk Victor Aliwalas was a revelation as a host and was so dashing

courtesy of brian dan congson

And there’s the even bigger star who stayed on from start to finish

Claudine Barreto was sophistication par excellence

She was gracious.  She was all-smiles.  She was amazing.

courtesy of omar gallinero

As opening salvo, the candidates paraded in their silver & white Festival Attire

The audience was awestruck with the beautiful outfit creations

Frances Gonzalez and Gevic Romero bested them all in their winning outfits


Next up was the Swimsuit Segment which was hot-hot-hot!

Ayana Grico and Gian Cortes walked away with the Best in Swimwear Award

Their zebra-inspired outfits really added to this most applauded segment


In gowns created by FDAP President Johnny Abad

Noegih Casenas was liked an international model as she sashayed in her body-hugging piece

Mr. Gensan 2011 Marc Jerick Chan was a perfect match as Best in Evening Formals


In the Talent Presentation last week, two candidates bested them all

1st Runner-up Ayana Grico did an engaging rock song number

While Romeo Guevarra had everyone on their feet with his hip hop dance piece


Voting among peers for the Congeniality Award

The candidates chose this batch’s kikay-numero uno Ayana Grico

Lakan winner Gevic Romero was everyone’s favorite Big Brother

Once again, congratulations to all the winners!

To Mr. Gensan 2011 Marc Jerick Chan and Miss Gensan 2011 Caroline Lim

May you be good Role Models to the youth of today

May you represent Gensan in all dignity and maintaining your humility

God bless you both and make us proud!

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