A General Writes In Defense of Paraguay

Hi, faithful readers… I am posting this letter from Professor Hadji Balajadia regarding the issues raised by another professor from a local University. This is, of course, about the endorsement video which starred PARAGUAY  about Gensan’s Tuna Festival.  Personally, I find the video amusing and heartwarming.  For somebody like Paraguay endorsing a major festival is like saying that we are all co-equals when it comes to loving OUR city.  This letter should be read in front of anybody who claims that they are better than anybody else in Gensan.  Read on…

Dear Generals:

I would like to laud the conceptualist of the TV Ad of the Gensan Tunafest 2011, featuring Paraguay!

Paraguay perfectly represents the genuine spirit of survival, optimism, resilience, humor and friendship. Whoever is the conceptualist of the TV Ad, I’d like to underscore in boldface that such ad is undoubtedly a milestone to the marginalized groups and communities in the city because it not only privileged the “ignored” and “discriminated” voice, it also de-constructed our traditional notions of the “best representative of Gensan.”

Paraguay represents the common masses, the large majority of the Gensan citizenry. To discredit him as the Model of the Tunafest is to patently silence and deny recognition the thousands of poor voices and faces that he represents.

The Tunafestival is for the common Generals, who labor sweat and blood for the common good of the city. It is not for the privileged few—the rich, the businessmen, the politicians, and the festival guests. I can sense that they undermine Paraguay because he is both Gay and Poor—one who is not at par with Manny Pacquiao.

To me, this is “double othering”—double discrimination! He is perceived by some of these homophobic media and prejudiced nouveau rich to be lightweight if not “nonsense” and hence an incredible endorser of the Festival.

I am seriously aghast by their irrational attitude against this poor human being who wants to share his humble civic contribution to the Festival. They feel that they are the only ones who hold birthright of representing the face of Gensan.

Such exclusionist and discriminatory attitude has no place in participatory democracy!

The life narrative of Paraguay, to my mind, aptly shows the countless stories of many migrants from neighboring towns who are trying their luck in the Tuna Capital of the Philippines.

Let us all remember that the Tunafest is not for the privileged few!

The Tunafest is for the common and ordinary General like Paraguay!

Discounting these marginalized persons from our civic celebration of the Tunafestival tantamounts to ignoring the socio-historical reality that Gensan is nothing without these nameless and unhonored people.


Hadji Balajadia
Certified General
Fulltime Psychology Faculty
Ateneo de Davao University

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  1. In your FACE!!!! (to those who irrationally criticized and maligned the person of PARAGUAY)…

    I have to admit I was one of those who makes fun of him…but now he has my full respect!!! SORRY…

    Karapat – dapat kang ICLAP! CLAP! Prof. Balajadia….

  2. i agree with Hadji… i think people should not take things VERY seriously, and learn to look at the lighter side of things… after all, a fiesta/festival is a time to “let our hair down”, ‘ika nga… i believe the “Paraguay Chronicles” were done in the spirit of fun; to make a fiesta more lively, and somehow put a smile on someone’s face and make one’s day complete… Hadji posted this in our batch’s facebook page, a couple of days back, and i’m glad his thoughts got your nod, Sir Ormz… maybe we shouldn’t be too critical of these things, but instead, help each other to make this year’s tunafest memorable, enjoyable, and exciting… just my 2 cents… happy tunafest to all the Generals!!! cheers!!!

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