If I Were Shamcey Supsup…


The Miss Universe fever is still raging in the Philippines after the strong-finish of Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup.   Each time, Shamcey made it from Top 16 to Top 10 to Top 5, my heartbeat was on hyperdrive.    Akala ko aatekihin na ako sa puso.  And when the final Question & Answer Segment came up — I just hoped that Shamcey will not buckle from the pressure.  This was her question as read by Vivica Fox:

“Would you change you religious belief to marry the man that you love ? Why or why not?”

We all knew — and we saw for ourselves — how Shamcey answered.  She was quick.  She didn’t bat an eyelash and she even ended her answer with a standard Brazilian greeting.

Unfortunately for Shamcey, questions around marriage and religion are like a trap — almost always answers would sound fanatical or one-sided or self-righteous — it’d be close to impossible to please everyone in the board of judges.  I could only assume that her answer ruffled some sensitive judges’ feathers.

Anyway, if I were Shamcey Supsup, I would answer that question in this manner:

“No, I would not change my religious beliefs to marry the person I love, in the same way that I wouldn’t ask him to change his belief for my sake. Marriage is a union of body and soul and asking one to forsake his or her faith is uncalled for. Ecumenism and religious tolerance ask that we respect each other’s differences. Love can do more than that — it can break boundaries and settle differences.”

Laban kayo?

Big big thanks to Mandi Nicolas for inspiring me to blog about this…

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