Gensan Bags FishDance Grand Prize After Four Years

The last time that a group from Gensan won as Grand Champion was four years ago

Teatro Ambahanon of RMMC Gensan was the first winner of FishDance in 2007

In the succeeding years, groups from out-of-town lorded it over the locals

Zupaniekies Dance Crew finally broke the camel’s back

They were declared as Grand Champion of FishDance Cinco 2011

Another Gensan group, FreeStyle Crew won Second Place

While yearly finalist Body Extreme from Davao won as Third Place

Eighteen groups from around Mindanao gunned for the 2011 Title as Best Hip Hop Crew

The Atrium of Gaisano Mall of Gensan was filled to the rafters

As supporters of the participating dance groups cheered for their favorites

It was an intense show of powerful dance moves and stunts

In the end, only one group reigned supreme

Congratulations to the winners and see you next year!

Grand Champion: Zupaniekies Dance Crew from Gensan

Second Place: FreeStyle Crew from Gensan

Third Place: Body Extreme from Davao

Here’s a quick look of the winning dance moves of Zupaniekies Dance Crew…

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