Blog About The Mr. & Miss Gensan Pageant Contest


After the successful staging of the Mr. & Miss Gensan Pageant, we’d like to hear what you have to say about it.  If you’ve watched the 2011 Pageant last September 3 then this contest is for you.  And hey, you’ve got to be a active BLOGGER to qualify.  Read on…

Contest Mechanics:

1. Participants should  write about their experience from watching the 2011 Mr. & Miss Gensan Pageant.

2. Entry must have at least 200 words.

3. Entry must mention and must contain a link to this blog post.

4. The blogger-participant must also add to their blogroll.

5. After writing your blog entry, post a COMMENT in this blog that should contain the LINK to your ENTRY.

6. We will choose the Best Blog entry who will win major prize.

7. The GRAND PRIZE is courtesy of Jehzeel Laurente.  Jehz will award a one-year free web-hosting and free domain name.

8. All contest participants must be subscribers of  Click this LINK to subscribe.

9.  Entries should also include the following sponsors of the Pageant:

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