Congratulations To The Winners Of Our iPod Shuffle Raffle

 Thank you to all those who followed our Facebook page

Our goal was to hit 1,000 followers by August 1, 2011

Two weeks before D-Day, our numbers exceeded our goal

As promised, will raffle five iPod Shuffles

Using to choose our winners

We are pleased to announce the lucky GESM followers…

Krista Kamille Q. Franco

Totie Cabanas-Canaria

Mary Bernadette Gonzalez-Pascua 

Dan Christian Odasco

James Betia

You may claim your prizes at Asia United Bank TODAY

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!

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  1. LIKE!… Like… Like…Like…. baka meron pang naitabing iPod dyan! Congrats sa winners, hmmp! bwehehehe! Congrats Te Badette, pa share sa kabilang earphone ha.

  2. Kuya Orms,

    How can I claim my Ipod shuffle? malayo kasi ako from Gensan , Im here in Cotabato City right now. Wohoo thanks a lot.

    My Highschool kabatch and some friends enjoyed reading your Ganda Ever So Much.

  3. Congratulations ever Gandaness!

    Sorry naging stalker nalang ako this year, Orman. I am really busy at work..di ko na halos ma arapal work and blogging mode at the same time kaya di ko nabigyan pansin ang contest mo.

    But from the bottom of my heart, please accept my heartfelt congratulations for the 2 years of successful blogging. You have touched so many lives through your advices, experiences, and yeah your honest to goodness humor.

    I am always your fan, Orman. kahit di mo ako dito araw araw nakikitang mag ko-comment ^^

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