Gensan’s Tuna Festival’s Splash Campaign

Mr. Gensan 2010 Jenel Labiana, Miss Gensan 2010 Ghen Mutia, Miss Gensan 2008 Romarie Cunanan

A BIG SPLASH WILL HAPPEN TO GENSAN in the 13th Tuna Festival!  A splash is a dynamic action of water that conveys energy and fun. This is the same dynamic energy we’re sharing in each event of the festival. Gensan, being known for its wealth of waters such as beaches, dive sites, and tuna —  the festival will be showcasing its many wonders. With the plans of the spirited team behind it this year, the Tuna Festival will be a striking, ostentatious, and an exciting event that will give you a splashing good time!


Part of the Splash Campaign was to bring together all the Festival Directors, both Past and Present, to entice everyone to join the Tuna Festival celebration this coming September.  Already, the PR materials have been creating a buzz and perking up interest.  The Organizing Committee has ensured that the events will be worth watching and worth everyone’s while.  And with the Splash Campaign reaching its peak in the next few weeks, we’re very certain that this will be one of the Grandest Tuna Festival celebrations ever.


The Splash Campaign was a result of the creative minds of the team of Ronald Velasquez and Ralph Layco.

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