The Winning Photo Entries To Our Week #3 Blogsary Contest

The Matrix by JM Tagarda

This year’s photo entries have indeed leveled up

I had to request my good friend Armi Royeca to help me out in choosing the winners

After much deliberations, has spoken

Congratulations to JM Tagarda for garnering the Best Picture Award

Inspired by the move “The Matrix,” JM had to perfect his jumpshot

He did this while letting the printed logos fall all around him

For his effort, JM wins Three Thousand Pesos

As Good As Wine by Lito Antoque

Lito Antoque has never missed any of GESM’s contests

This time around, he made sure that he really prepared for it

His props were really well-thought of and he really delivered

Lito’s entry is the Second Best Picture winning for him Two Thousand Pesos

Doing An Azkal Kick by Ian Paul Carreon

Beginner’s Luck?  I don’t think so…

This is the first GESM Contest for Ian Paul Carreon

And his entry almost didn’t see the light of day

Good thing that I checked my Spam Mailbox and discovered this superb picture

His Azkal-like kick punctuated by his drinking from GESM potion bottle made me smile

I hope Ian’s 3rd Best Picture win will not be his last

He wins One Thousand Five Hundred Pesos

Her Royal Gandaness (The Mini-Me Version) by Jason Demaisip

Our 4th Best Picture is an avalanche of cuteness

The little girl was so game that this photo entry captured what GESM is about

And that is spelled F-U-N to the highest degree

Thanks to Jason Demaisip for this great entry

You will receive One Thousand Pesos

Sinong Love Niyo? by Nanardz

Just when I thought that Nanardz was too busy with his Blogging chores

He sends me his Photo Entry that really made me chuckle

Good to find out that he still hasn’t lost his Magic Touch

This collage of pictures really warms the heart

For his efforts, Nanardz wins One Thousand Pesos tied as 4th Best Picture

Here are the Four Consolation Prize winners

Each of them will get Five Hundred Pesos each


Color My World by Liezel Demaisip

I'm A GESM Addict And My Mom Is Clueless About It by Rap Gregorio

The Mummy by Louieneth Sy

Waiting for Prince Charming by Jhazelle Anne Demaisip

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