RH Bill Series #1: No To RH Bill

courtesy of orchestroscopy.blogspot.com

Beginning today, I will be posting different insights about the controversial Reproductive Health Bill.  For our first salvo, I’m sharing the point of view of Bro. Manuel de Leon, FMS.  His views are entirely his own and GESM does not necessarily share his opinion.  This is the essence of democracy — Everybody has a say.  Read on, faithful readers…

RH Bill is not about “FREE CHOICE” because freedom is an exercise of responsibility and cannot be legislated. It is not about anti-poverty alleviation because for as long as there is corruption and unjust distribution of the nation’s wealth and natural resources, poverty will persist.  What we need is a holistic education that will bring about social transformation wherein the dignity of the human person and the integrity of creation are protected. STOP THE DEBATE. Let us focus our money and energy in improving the educational system which is a mess, passage of a meaningful land use policy, providing adequate health care program, more livelihood and employment opportunities instead of promoting contraceptives and other forms of birth control that do not strengthen the character of the Filipino. We are supposed to promote a civilization that is maka-tao, maka-kalikasan at maka-Diyos at hindi MAKA-SARILI.

Bro. Manuel de Leon is the President of Notre Dame of Dadiangas University.  He is the man behind Sagip Ka Foundation.  When I asked for his permission to share his insights about the RH Bill, he obliged and shared:  “We want an objective and more positive approach to solving our social problems. Definitely, what is legal does not always mean moral. We want to bring back morality in our lives. Morality is about believing, doing and living the right thing even if it is not popular.”

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