June 29 Is A Legal Muslim Holiday

Isra and Mi’raj, also known as Al Isra’ wal Miraj, is observed on the 27th day of the month of Rajab, the seventh month in the Islamic calendar. This event marks the night that Allah took Mohammad on a journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and then to heaven.  It is believed that Mohammad was shown heaven and hell in the second part of the journey, known as Mi’raj. He talked with many prophets, including Jesus and Moses, in heaven. He also received instructions on Islamic prayer. Mohammad returned to Mecca before the end of the night. Some Islamic scholars regard Mohammed’s journey as a spiritual experience while others see it as a physical journey. His journey is remembered and commemorated on Isra and Mi’raj. (Source:  http://www.timeanddate.com/)

This year, this commemoration falls on June 29, 2011.  The Regional Office of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos has issued a Memorandum about it requesting government and private offices to excuse our Muslim brethren from work.  Our local government unit (through Mayor Darlene Custodio) and the  City Bankers’ Association of Gen. Santos City (through President Emmanuel Evangelista) has declared June 29, 2011 as a legal non-working holiday.  Check out the following memos below:

Memo issued by the Office of Muslim Affairs

Memo issued by City Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio

Memo issued by the City Bankers' Association of Gen. Santos City


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