Park Rules At Paraiso Verde Resort & Water Park

The facilities of Paraiso Verde Resort & Water Park are maintained for all guests to enjoy. To ensure your utmost safety while having fun the following Park Rules must be observed by all guests.

wrist band to be issued to all paying guests


  1. Read the instructions on the wristband ticket carefully. Wristbands are valid only on the date of purchase shown in the bands. Wear the bands on your left wrist while you are inside the park premises. A “no wristband, no entry” policy will be strictly enforced.
  2. Allow Park Security to check all bags and packages for prohibited items inside the park. These include firearms, weapons, knives, pointed objects, toy guns, pyrotechnics, poppers, balloons, bottles and other breakable containers, alcohol, drugs, pets, food and beverages.
  3. Cabana/cottage users must keep their belongings inside their cabanas. Paraiso Verde Resort will not be held responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced valuables even if these are kept inside the cabanas or anywhere within park premises.
  4. The Water Park is a wet environment. Be prepared to get wet upon entering the park.
  5. Only proper swimming attire is allowed while using the pool areas. Pants, boxer shorts, shorts with buttons or zippers and cotton T-shirts are not allowed. The Water Park Crew reserves the right to deny admission to anyone with inappropriate attire. (Swimsuits are available for sale at the Rubber Ducky Souvenir Store.)
  6. A quick shower is a must before entering the pools.
  7. Loose articles, sharp objects, eyeglasses, and glass containers are STRICTLY PROHIBITED near and in the pool areas.
  8. Safety is important inside the park. Lifeguards and Park Crew must be obeyed by guests at all times.
  9. Lifeguards are trained to respond to emergencies. However, it is ultimately the parent/guardian’s responsibility to supervise their children throughout the entire visit.
  10. Guests intoxicated with alcohol and prohibited drugs will not be permitted to use the attractions.
  11. Guests with serious illness or communicable/contagious diseases and open sores are prohibited from entering the water. If a guest feels sick, the Park Nurse will be called to check his/her vital signs but not to treat the guest. If found to be unfit, the guest will be asked to leave the park and the guest’s entrance ticket will be forfeited.
  12. Paraiso Verde Resort and its employees will not be liable for injury to guests in accidental cases or when caused by the guest’s negligence.
  13. Courtesy must be observed in all areas. Rough play such as running, horseplay, shoulder riding or diving/jumping into pools is not allowed.
  14. Specific rules are posted in each attraction/pool. These rules must likewise be observed.
  15. The Aqua Food Court is open during park hours for your convenience. Food and drinks must be consumed inside the food court or other designated areas only. Food is not allowed near and in the pool areas.
  16. Smoking is allowed only in the designated smoking area.
  17. Restrooms are provided for guests’ comfort. Please relieve yourself in the restrooms not in the water or elsewhere.
  18. Cameras (including those in cellphones) or video recording equipment are not permitted in the restrooms.
  19. A reminder: Wet environments are not ideal for electronics. Use these gadgets at your discretion.
  20. Pets are not permitted inside the park. Exception will be made for service animals.
  21. Vandalism by guests of Paraiso Verde Resort & Water Park facilities will be dealt with the full extent of the law.


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