Mommy Dionisia Celebrates 62


She’s referred to by many names

Nanay Dionisia, Pac-Mom, Mother D., Queen Dee

Now she’s simply Mommy Dionisia

She’s popular in her own right

She has her own TV commercials and print ads too

She has a box-office hit of a movie

And she is friends with former President Erap

Mommy Dionisia has indeed arrived

At sixty-two, she is remains spritely and on top of her game

She dances a mean tango, sashays a sexy cha-cha

And she gets lifted here and there by her Dancing Partner

Mommy Dionisia may be 62 this year

But she can definitely beat any woman 10 years her junior

Some may say that she’s just riding her son’s popularity

Well, it’s a given — she sired the Most Popular Boxer of his generation

But you have to give it to her — She’s very lovable and easy to relate to

When she started appearing in TV commercials

Her popularity rose to the roof — surpassing expectations

She may now have her own Hermes bag or a set of diamond jewelries

But she has not changed a bit and has remained humble and grounded

If you see her in public and would want a picture taken with her

She will politely oblige and pose for the camera

The Queen Mom is always gracious and has a ready smile for everyone

And where does this graciousness come from

We all know that she’s a Marian devotee and very prayerful

She have survived separation from her husband

She single-handedly raised her children

Mommy Dionisia reverts to her own Nanay for the strength and guidance

The pictures in this blog post are courtesy of Apple Greatson Francisco. Apple has been officially taking pictures for the Pacman and his family.  Mommy Dionisia must have loved his pictures so much so that she commissioned Apple to document her 62nd Birthday Party.  My big thanks to Apple for sharing these great shots.

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